• birgitkwood
    birgitkwood Posts: 486 Member
    Me. 4
    LNS. 0
    STREAK. 4
  • Kari_Bear78
    Kari_Bear78 Posts: 533 Member
    Me: 30
    LNS: 1 :(

    Streak: 0

    I was doing so well... tonight just got the better of me.
  • naomillion
    naomillion Posts: 351 Member
    Me: 18
    LNS: 2
    Streak: 11

    I am glad I found this challenge, it really helped me to reduce my late night cravings. Thanks for the support and accountability of everyone! I will continue to try to reduce my snacking in February as well and hopefully get a even longer Streak :) Good luck to you all!
  • LittleLionHeart1
    LittleLionHeart1 Posts: 3,655 Member
    Night 31
    Me: 12
    LNS: 19
    Streak 1

  • 135terry
    135terry Posts: 432 Member
    Me 31
    LNS 0
    Streak 31 :)
  • ksont
    ksont Posts: 13 Member
    I'm in!
    Me: 3
    LNS: 0
  • azsundancer
    azsundancer Posts: 1,140 Member
    January 31

    Me: 21
    Lns: 10

    I am counting only logged in, calorie budget snacks.

  • CarrieA180
    CarrieA180 Posts: 903 Member
    Me: 31*
    LNS: 0
    Streak: 31

    TG, January is over! Its not my favorite month with getting back on track after the holidays. I'm happy to conquer the late night snack urge this month. It wasn't easy. :)

    Great job to everyone who finished the challenge! See you in February's challenge! :)
  • heatherbilyea
    heatherbilyea Posts: 5 Member
    HyeKarma wrote: »
    Im in. I need to break this behavior in myself.
    Nothing after 9pm. Nothing after going to bed. No Sleepwalker-Fridge-Chocolate-Raider in the middle of the night, activities for me. Nothing to destroy my deficit. I know its this one bad behavior that would make such a tremendous difference. I was able to refrain last night. First offical log tomorrow. :)

    I feel ya...middle night ..wake up....spoon of Nutella and a glass of milk.....Haven't done that for a month however. I'm pretty proud . :)