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  • glassyoglassyo Posts: 3,908Member Member Posts: 3,908Member Member
    WandRsmom wrote: »

    I feel bad for not seeing it in a movie theater since Olivia Wilde is practically begging people but I don't have the patience anymore so I'll be catching it on dvd when it comes out.

    I watched The Perfect Date on Netflix today and will watch Bridesmaids tomorrow.
  • Reckoner67Reckoner67 Posts: 3,436Member Member Posts: 3,436Member Member
    Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2
  • honeybee__12honeybee__12 Posts: 8,937Member, Premium Member Posts: 8,937Member, Premium Member
    Moonrise Kingdom. I like Wes Anderson films..the symmetry, palette and soundtrack <3

    I love this movie!
  • mbaker566mbaker566 Posts: 9,710Member Member Posts: 9,710Member Member

    detroit: i wanted to like it more than i did. it was pretty one sided. but i felt sympathy for the characters.


    into the forest: i kinda thought it would be more adventure. maybe zombies. instead a touching emotional journey. i don't know that things get better but the characters get better.


    the perfection: well that took a few left turns. was left feeling rather disturbed but enjoyed it. i think.


    the silence: i enjoyed it better than it's oft compared partner-a quiet place.


    baywatch: my brain needed a break from the serious stuff. it was better than i thought even though some of the workplace harassment was a little cringeworthy


    the unicorn store: liked it. cute.


    rim of the world: what to a kid who enjoyed the stand by mes and goonies type movie i wanted to like it. but the humor i didn't think was appropriate for some of the age group
  • just_Tomekjust_Tomek Posts: 6,808Member Member Posts: 6,808Member Member

  • The_Devil_In_Miss_Jones_The_Devil_In_Miss_Jones_ Posts: 2,097Member Member Posts: 2,097Member Member
  • emeraldwoods4214emeraldwoods4214 Posts: 177Member Member Posts: 177Member Member
    Spider-Man into the spiderverse
  • honeybee__12honeybee__12 Posts: 8,937Member, Premium Member Posts: 8,937Member, Premium Member
    <3 it every time....

  • 777Gemma888777Gemma888 Posts: 8,406Member Member Posts: 8,406Member Member
    Pokemon: Detective Pikachu... If I could do over the time spent watching it, I would love to take it back.
  • BlowPopKissesBlowPopKisses Posts: 1,429Member Member Posts: 1,429Member Member


    Overall rating, 4 (on a scale of 1-10). A cutesy movie, but super slow. Parents were in no way realistic, not even sure if they were 'sposed to be now that I think about it. Samuel L. Jackson couldn't even save this movie, although his character was fun to watch. The ending is super predictable and it just took too long to get there.
  • _Paparazzi__Paparazzi_ Posts: 463Member Member Posts: 463Member Member

    It was good.
  • JetJaguarJetJaguar Posts: 701Member Member Posts: 701Member Member
    Godzilla, King of the Monsters. Too much whiny people talking, not enough monsters fighting. I can also think of at least one giant flying robot that was missing. ;) 4/10.
    edited June 3
  • seltzermint555seltzermint555 Posts: 9,538Member Member Posts: 9,538Member Member
    Rocketman...totally loved it.

    Disclaimer, I hate musicals or anything similar about 90% of the time and would have disliked this movie if it weren't for already liking most of Elton John's music.
  • _Paparazzi__Paparazzi_ Posts: 463Member Member Posts: 463Member Member

    Kind of boring.
  • glassyoglassyo Posts: 3,908Member Member Posts: 3,908Member Member
    Does Good Omens count because Neil Gaiman says it's supposed to be one long movie?

    And it rocked sooooooooo hard. 10/10. Would recommend.
  • _Paparazzi__Paparazzi_ Posts: 463Member Member Posts: 463Member Member
  • BlowPopKissesBlowPopKisses Posts: 1,429Member Member Posts: 1,429Member Member

    The Perfection

    Overall rating, 8.5 (on a scale of 1-10). The Perfect movie for anyone who likes a lil Twisted and bizarre in their thrillers.
    I'm a fan of the use of "chapters" in a movie to help you keep place; the automatic rewinds were a lil campy but useful. The very beginning scene and the end scene were the most disturbing to me, and I loved it. The 2 main characters really play off each other well and hold their own which is great because the other characters could really be played by anyone off the street and be just as good. A lil sex with some side boob and a blurred out dick scene is really all there is to any nudity. And there is some cussin'.
    I thought I had the movie figured out and a sharp twist near an ending chapter told me I did not.
    Dark, Psychotic, Twisted, Suspensful, Disturbing ... I need more of this in my life.

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