What are you eating for NYE?



  • pacific904
    pacific904 Posts: 92 Member
    I find it hard to cope with holidays - eating out today, New Year's day and Monday. Always plan to go low carb and then think 'what the heck'. I blame it on hubby taking me out but I am the one putting food in my mouth. Then it will take me a few days to get back on plan. Listening To Jason Fung on youtube to motivate me whist hubby watching "Man in High Castle".
  • FIT_Goat
    FIT_Goat Posts: 4,224 Member
    * Bourbon with sparkling water
    * Deviled Eggs
    * Steak

    Pretty typical for special events for me.
  • Aquawave
    Aquawave Posts: 260 Member
    Due to lower stomach upset, our New Year's Eve dinner was delayed to New Years Day Dinner of Lobster with drawn butter and baked acorn squash. Simple and Yummy! Happy and healthy New Year to everyone!!