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Low Calorie Protein Cheesecake.



  • proteinpoutproteinpout Posts: 6Member Member Posts: 6Member Member
    I AM SO EXCITED TO TRY THIS! thank you :) x
  • vegmebuffvegmebuff Posts: 31,390Member Member Posts: 31,390Member Member
    Has anyone just used egg whites instead of whole eggs?
  • just_Tomekjust_Tomek Posts: 7,050Member Member Posts: 7,050Member Member
    vegmebuff wrote: »
    Has anyone just used egg whites instead of whole eggs?

    If you only use the whites I bet it will rise and then collapse. Use the whole egg or an egg substitute.
  • JenHuedyJenHuedy Posts: 611Member Member Posts: 611Member Member
    vegmebuff wrote: »
    Has anyone just used egg whites instead of whole eggs?

    I would try to include at least one yolk - the lecithin in the yolk acts as an emulsifier that will help stabilize the cake and keep fats/liquids/proteins from separating.
  • just_Tomekjust_Tomek Posts: 7,050Member Member Posts: 7,050Member Member
    oocdc2 wrote: »
    crazyravr wrote: »
    oocdc2 wrote: »

    OP: Did you take this picture?

    Yeap. Its my cake lol :) my dining room table, last time I checked ;) Why?

    Because it's beautifully composed, right down to the lighting and the juxtaposition of the wood and glass surfaces. Well done!

    Thanx. Instagram @paleo_tomek :)
  • RosyTeaRosyTea Posts: 49Member Member Posts: 49Member Member
  • jessiferrrbjessiferrrb Posts: 1,965Member Member Posts: 1,965Member Member
    that picture is amazing, i am ready to try again already, but i need a good protein powder
  • tarothelptarothelp Posts: 167Member Member Posts: 167Member Member
    Hmmm I think you must be some kind of genius! I am making this cheesecake asap! Kind of surprised thought the protein would be a little higher than 19g per serving with those ingredients. Amazing job thanks for posting!
  • jvs125jvs125 Posts: 223Member Member Posts: 223Member Member
    Oh now I need to find some lactose free cream cheese so I can try it without being sick all day! Looks so yummy!
  • WynterbourneWynterbourne Posts: 2,066Member Member Posts: 2,066Member Member
    Made one yesterday and just tried it. The texture is right on.

    I added 1/4 cup of splenda
    1/8 cup lime juice
    Other than that I followed the recipe exactly.

    Key lime cheesecake. IT is amazing.

    (Pro-tip from my regular cheesecake making days: If you put a pan of water in the oven under the cheesecake pan it keeps the top of the cheesecake from cracking! It comes out beautiful.)

    See, now I'm going to have to buy a new cake pan (Only have the 6"x2" not a 6"x3") because while I'll take steak over ice cream, chocolate, cake, or cookies, basically sweets in general, 99% of the time, Key Lime is my Kryptonite. Hehe
  • Steelpit202Steelpit202 Posts: 51Member Member Posts: 51Member Member
    I'll have to try that sometime. It sounds good.
  • tarothelptarothelp Posts: 167Member Member Posts: 167Member Member
    Op looks like there is cream or something on top of the cake? Did you add something extra to the top?
  • Momma_RaucksMomma_Raucks Posts: 69Member Member Posts: 69Member Member
    I'm baking some right now! Was thinking of throwing some Walden farms chocolate or strawberry syrup on to add a little sweet
  • Annie_01Annie_01 Posts: 3,115Member Member Posts: 3,115Member Member
    Mine is cooling. I turned it in to a pumpkin cheesecake. (had some in the fridge that needed to be used)

    Will let you know how it tastes.
  • lululapagaillelululapagaille Posts: 80Member Member Posts: 80Member Member
    Thanks for the recipe, I've made one with unsweetened cocoa powder and sweetener. It'll be my snack tomorrow :)
  • ElvenToadElvenToad Posts: 644Member Member Posts: 644Member Member
    @bellaa_x0 MUCH improvement over the first one I made so thank you for posting your recipe. Mine came out @190 cal and 20g protein per 8 servings. I topped it with sugar free strawberry jam for an extra 10 cals.

    The texture was spot on, it tasted like cheesecake.. definitely edible! Not bad for the macros ;)
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