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    Accountability Post Progress update of my Feb goals.
    Yesterday's Results
    ✔1. Log/COMPLETE the entry daily.
    2. No eating after 9pm.
    ✔3. Fiber 30g daily
    4. Walk 30 active Fitbit min daily.
    5. Declutter ✔️clothes, books, office supplies.
    ✔6. In bed by midnight

    Making today a better day.
    -- Ginger in Texas
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    Spent an hour in my garden this morning now off to play golf be back ,
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    Kate UK <3
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    Lanette - I used to listen to Art Bell also. And the Dream Doctor. And - Twilight Zone. For years I read until I got sleepy - but bifocals made it almost impossible for me to read while laying down. I should ask my eye doctor about that.... I miss all the night time reading I used to do.

    -- Ginger in Texas
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    Heather – Like what we call a ‘contingency sale contract’ … “I want to buy your house; but, I can’t until I have my house sold.” Usually there is a fee put down ‘if’ they are serious about buying it; or have someone lined up to sell their house to. With the housing market, like it has been in most places in the country (USA) … few people are going to take their house off the market under those circumstances; because, if someone comes along with a cash buy (or offers more) they are told it is on the market but has a sale contingency on the buyers being able to sell theirs. If the sale falls through then the 2nd buyers can decide if they still want the house. The owner of the original house can give the ‘contingency buyer’s’ money (earnest money) back to them and sell the house to the people with the cash money in hand. Usually the realtor with the selling company will put a sign that it is ‘under contract’ on the For Sale sign. Other buyers can decide if they still want to see the house, or not. There is a way for the sellers to keep the earnest money and that is ‘if’ the buyers just back out of buying the house, without cause. Not, that they haven’t sold their house within a set time, usually 3 – 6 months. Most people do not want to end up with 2 mortgages; so they ‘usually’ sell the house with a 45- to 60-day out closing date. The buyers can have inspections done on the house, a survey of the land, title check (which would show if there are any liens on the property), and if they find something they are not comfortable with. As if the roof needs to be replace, they can come in and ask that ‘either the roof be replaced’ or the ‘price of the roof being replaced, taken off the sales price. It is not unusual for a buyer to ask the seller to pay ½ of the closing fees. This is done when making an ‘offer to buy’ the house. If there is any problem with the house and the owners know it, they are required to advise the sellers of the problem. Like black mold, basement leaking (we don’t normally have basements in SW GA), trees breaking up driveway, electrical system ‘not up to code’ … or any portion of the house, enclosed that is not ‘up to code’. Buying and selling houses are a P.I.T.A.; and, I hope we are in our ‘forever’ house.

    Our last house was a ‘bank owned’ house and it had been ‘on the market’ forever! Usually, they take longer; because they want to make sure that the offer was enough to pay off the original mortgage; so they did the title check and had to provide us with Title Insurance. We got it at a ‘steal’; one reason was the interior was original and AWFUL! We re-carpeted it; painted the entire inside; chose wallpaper to make the ‘colored’ bathroom fixtures so that they would ‘look’ like we intended it to be colored. We had our own refrigerator; and, thankfully all the other things in the kitchen were stainless. We replace the vent hood with a microwave oven with a built-in vent. I would have been perfectly satisfied to live there; but, Louis really wanted to live ‘out in the country’. Now that I am out here, I wished I had not ‘fought tooth and nail’. Now that we are ‘out here’ … I love it and do not ever want to live in another neighborhood, in town. But, if something happens to Louis before me, I would be satisfied to live in a condo in a gated community and not really care where it was.

    Marni in Alaska – I’m glad to know that others ‘fight’ that urge to pick up their phones to call their mothers; even my middle sister did the same.

    Heather – Beautiful view from your room. Closest church looks like a Catholic Cathedral; the other one looks like Greek Orthodox architecture. Doesn’t particularly look like a mosque.

    I hope to be like you friend when I am in my 80’s. One of the ladies that was in an art class I attended was 94 – she looked like she was in her early 70’s. Very independent. Had had lung cancer, it came back; her husband died expectantly … he also looked to be in his early 70’s. Daughter from Atlanta came down ready to ‘move her to Atlanta’. She told her ‘oh, HELL NO; I am here, this is home, this is my house, I can get around, and I do not want to have to change MDs or be away from my neighbors, friends, and church. She did not move either; and, she entered the ‘art show’ and made hor dourvers. Stood on her feet for 3 hours and did not look ill.

    A few years ago, when she and her husband went on a trip to South America she brought home Paper Mache dolls for all of us. I still have mine and every time I look at it I think of her and her tenacity.

    Yvonne in TX – It would be good if you could talk your Dad into going to see his only brother. Might be harder on him if he doesn’t go. Sometimes talking to a family member is hard; but, I don’t think I could stand it if either of my sisters were sick, in the hospital and knowing there was nothing that could be done for them. I would still want to go see them.

    Love the Mom and baby picture. Has anybody heard about the other ‘grandbaby’ that was put in ICU? I don’t think I have seen anything at all. I think it might have been another "Karen" and the baby's a boy.

    At today’s weigh-in I had dropped 5.5lbs. I wanted to do a ‘happy dance’. I forgot to take her the list of weight comparisons; but, I did tell her where I was and what I would be losing once I get to my goal. She thought it was hysterical. If I go back to town between now and weigh-in time; I will run it by to her.

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    Karen, so, so beautiful. Nothing like that touch to touch. She has such a wonderful contented look. That is a picture that will last forever.

    Lenora, I was going to mention something yesterday and forgot. When I got my new CPAP and he was setting everything up, he left off the ramping. He said that since I had been using the CPAP for so long that I more than likely didn't need the rampong. But my level is lower than yours.

    Congrats Heather although it seems like a long process.

    I got notification on my patient portal that my labs were back that I did yesterday. My blood count is up pretty good!!!! Only thing really wrong is my blood sugar, fasting, is 108. So I will get 'the talk' again. Also my sister is doing real well. She was finally able to cough up some junk Sunday for them to do a culture which takes 48 hours to finish. It initially showed staph but they were waiting to see if the particular staph was MRSA which she has had before. She is on Vancomycin which is hard on your veins. She is already on her 3rd IV site. If this cultures out MRSA I would imagine they will put a PICC line in and send her home to take more Vancomycin at home.

    Welcome to all the new ladies here.

    Joyce, Indiana
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    Hello ladies: Well our crazy Arab horse has managed to empty the water trough by picking up one edge of it and then dropping it so the water splashes out. When it gets low enough she tips it over. Just what we need, more mud in the paddock. Haven't been able to let them out in the pasture because it is too wet and they tear up the soft ground with their hooves. Doing well on food today, exercising at home.

    Heather - Hope things on the chain move along quickly. Lovely pictures.

    Janetr - Glad DGS is doing okay.

    Karen - Sounds like you are enjoying your trip. I would like to try riding a camel sometime. I hear their gait is interesting.

    Karen VA - Glad your little angel is improving.

    Rori - Congratulations on the smaller size.

    Michelle - I'm sure you are enjoying Florida.

    Everyone take care, Sue in WA
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    I was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea about 10 years ago. I have been using a Bi-pap machine since then. The mask does take some getting used to, but if you stay with it...its gets easier. I don't miss a night without it. Before I was diagnosed my blood pressure would sky rocket out of control. I would have intense migraines, and have time loss, especially when driving. When I told the neurologist I had woken up one night thinking there were police cars outside out house because I saw all the flashing red lights. Then when I looked outside there was nothing there, she had a major fit. She didn't even want me to leave the hospital without the testing. I couldn't stay that day, but she revoked my driving privileges until I got tested.

    Needless to say the doctor's reaction really scared me. Since I have been using the machine, I feel better, sleep better, and can think more clearly. If I ever have a night when I can't use it , I really feel like crap on a broken stick the next day.

    Plus, she told me that people with sleep apnea tend to overeat in an effort to keep themselves awake. I never thought about it before then. Just my experience. But I would whole heartedly suggest that you have the testing done if you even suspect you have sleep apnea it is dangerous if left untreated.
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    Ha! Did someone call me a super model!?! You all are so cute! You know mentally I carry all of ya in my hip pocket, (so THATS why my caboose is so BIG!)

    Olivia is just the most innocent sweetest thing ever!

    Lenore great job on the 5.5 lb loss! And who's prom dress are you paying half for? All the shortened titles got me confused.

    Welcome new members of this amazing cross-section of ladies! From one corner of the world to another, all joined in a common goal. To be supported, encouraged, understood, and cared about. Even on days when you are struggling, this is the best place to report in to. Its kind of like a reset button for your own life.
    As you can tell I just love all these ladies. We are all Sisters-In-Heart, related by circumstances. (((((((((((Group Hugs))))))))))
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    Hi ladies:
    Carey Congrats on your special number!
    Lanette Caught your hello and sending one back <3 . Like your NSVs
    Rita "no exercise" I think cleaning 4 rooms accounts for something!
    Yvonne so sorry to hear about your uncle. I find there is added pain when the relationship is strained <3
    Katia hope you had fun with your friend
    Lenora Congrats on the loss!
    Jolene that is quite the story, how scary for you!

    NSVs I am working on:
    • Feeling ok with not feeling full
    • Feeling more flexible in my body
    • Being at peace with not eating

    Still feeling crabby due to not sleeping, ate too much for lunch and now can't have much for supper :/ Oh well Them's the breaks.
    Take care everyone. <3 Sarah, Ontario
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    Did 30 min on the elliptical today. The plan for tomorrow is to do an advanced strength DVD that I brought down with me.

    After exercising went to the Chamber of Commerce to get an up-to-date phone book. Then stopped at the Salvation Army here (not much, they do have nice furniture, tho). Then Vince and I went to this ceramic place in Cocoa. I did find a wreath of shells that I can paint and put on the pergola. Vince found this space ship that if they can find the mold they will pour for us.

    Welcome everyone new

    Leigh – so sorry to hear about your best friend’s father

    Ei – first off, welcome. I can only say that in addition to logging, exercise regularly

    Carey – good for you seeing that number!

    Lanette – Vince and I were saying last night that we’re glad we’re not raising our kids today. With facebook, Twitter, etc. etc. there’s just too much influence that you really can’t control.

    Lenora – doing a happy dance for you

    Michele from NC in FL
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    Call me crazy but I love to see other people happy and succeeding .

    Good Evening My Dear Friends,
    PaulaY, its too bad you don't have any responsibilities at your job. I hope the meeting went well.

    Samantha, welcome. This is a great place for support and information so come often. Please tell us a bit about yourself to help us get to know you.

    Leigh, that is so sad about your BF's father.

    Carey, congrats on seeing the new number on the scale. That is very exciting,

    Lanette, I have a couple of suggestions for you to try. Don’t buy any more peanuts for now. If you don't have them you won't eat them. Often things like that are just a habit to us. You could get almonds or something else to have on hand. Also, more importantly log every day. Log everything you put in your mouth. Some things you can log ahead if you plan your meals ahead, then you can adjust as you eat. Keep up the good work.

    Heather, a Huge Congrats on the offer on your house. Here's hoping things go smoothly. What a beautiful picture out of your window. You don't see anything like that in the USA.

    Katla, I hope you have a great lunch with your good friend.

    Karen, What a beautiful picture of mother and baby.!!!!!

    Redhead, welcome. Please tell us about yourself and sign each post with the name you want to be called. Also a location is good either general or specific.

    pretty-pink-welcome-smiley-emoticon.gifto any Newbies. Come often and join in the chat. This thing works!! Please sign your post with what you want to be called. It makes it easier for us to respond to you. Also a location is great, be it specific or general. We are happy to have you join us.

    Today I’ve done a good bit of housework. I’ll have to get the guest room cleared out before my friend comes for our cruise. It tends to catch anything that doesn’t have an immediate place to put it up.
    Sending love, good thoughts and sunshine to all of you.

    I Love youwriting-a-love-letter-smiley-emoticon.gif
    Myrtle Beach, SC
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    Good afternoon, I am new at this but enjoyed reading all your post and it is nice to have someone that is going through the same struggles I am. I have been dieting now for 3 weeks have to lose 10 lbs by April 4th or my surgeon will not do my hip replacement. I lost 3lbs the first two weeks and gained 1 back this week. I started at 171.5 and today 169.5 so discouraging I am doing PT twice a week and walking for about 45 min. 4 days a week it is difficult to walk or exercise because of the pain but I figure if I am moving instead of setting it is a plus. No matter how slow. I am trying to keep my calorie intake below 1200. I am 5.1 and I am 72 years old. It seems like this battle is harder now that I am older. Rita I am so blown away by the your exercise program, keep up the good work. I think you will definitely meet your goals if you keep up the work. I would love to get to 130 by the end of this year. and be able to dance again.
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    Welcome, Sharon!

    Olivia is apparently improving rapidly now that breastmilk is being given. Go figure. Makes us so happy. Still getting plasma, platelets, RBCs, and oxygen, but off most of her other meds, and no more dialysis. Yippee! And we are so relieved Katie is holding Olivia. She didn't hold her at first because she was too sick, then because she was afraid...the last time she held her, Olivia nearly died...so we are beyond thrilled to see the picture above. What a relief!

    Kate UK Love the leggings. Those are snazzy!

    Sarah Ontario Yes, I am working on feeling OK with not being full also. I am finding out that I feel lighter and less sleepy and actually like it better. There is always more food, ya know...

    Becca Didn't you know you are our supermodel? It's about time you realized that... <3

    Sue I am in love with your crazy Arabian horse. I used to have a cat like that. My role models. Be a rebel.

    THANK YOU everybody for your prayers, positive energy, and well wishes. I am convinced Olivia is better in part because of your efforts. It takes a village.

    Karen in Virginia