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    Kate - LOVE those leggings. I tend toward wearing more black and dark colors so these really caught my eye. Subtle but snazzy!

    DJ, I agree about the peanuts! I ended up making peanut butter out of the rest of the jar - sort of - put it in the food processor. I'm not a big PB fan so am adding a bit to my low-carb muffins instead of butter or other fat. Also made some pecan and walnut "butter" -- I meant to just grind them into meal but they have so much fat they buttered up right quick. Still big chunks of nut left which I mashed with the rolling pin, having dumped the "butter" into a plastic bag.

    I do eat a lot of almonds, cashews, brazil nuts....generally raw or soaked and dried.

    My low-carb muffin has almond meal, flaxseed meal, coconut flour, egg, a bit of fat, a shake of cinnamon, a little sweetening (or not) and baking powder and cooks in the microwave in about a minute. I've been eating these for a couple years and they've been a life-saver. Let me know if you want the recipe.

    Karen, I'm thrilled that Olivia is doing so well on the breast milk and off dialysis. Sounds like she's improving at a rapid pace, what a wonderful relief!

    Heather, I just showed DJ that photo of Oxford and he was tickled. Thank you for posting this! It was fun seeing the hair and clothing the actors were wearing in Endeavor, sure took me back.

    , 5.5 lbs is wonderful! We get to keep adding "foxes" to the group ;-)

    Joyce, glad your blood count is improving - I can't recall, are you on meds for diabetes? Glad your sis is improving - that MRSA is nasty stuff. I had never heard of it until about 15 years ago, they were talking about incarcerated folks in our county jail being treated for it.

    That's all I got right now. Off tomorrow but get to drive to the Ortho doc to see what he can tell me about my knee.

    Sunny SW WA State right this minute!
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    Lanette Your low carb muffin sounds like a MIM version. How much almond meal, flaxseed meal, and coconut flour do you use for one muffin?

    We are thrilled about Olivia, too. When we saw that picture of Katie holding her we were ecstatic.

    Karen in Virginia
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    Hello, Mirthful Madames!

    I am well, Sisters, I just spent the weekend doing my usual thing – cooking, shopping, cleaning and swimming... So, I wasn’t hanging out here, much. I logged, of course – but that was about it.

    I did do my Monday weigh in on the Summer Challenge... *whew* The puff is subsiding. I was able to post my pre-puff weight, yesterday – and today, it appears that I have lost a few pounds while I was retaining water. I will post it, if it carries through to the scale at the gym, tomorrow. I will be really stoked if 207 holds... Like Carey(Gratz!) it will be a number I haven’t seen in a gazillion years – although, these days, every low is. And, of course, it would put me THAT much closer to Onderland... I am getting excited!

    I did a little spring-clothes shopping, yesterday. I realized that I didn’t have a single short sleeved shirt that wasn’t a 3x or larger... and that just don’t cut it anymore. So, Walmart got a little support from my bank account – as little as I could manage – and I got a few Polo Shirts in nice colors. I am strutting a lovely Turquois colored one, today, with a pair of my 90’s leggings. I have discovered the secret to the appropriately fitting polo shirt... perhaps some of you have, also? I looked at the women’s Polo shirts – but, the sleeves were toooooooo short. Bat wings need a little more coverage than the chick-version shirts provide. But, never fear, Men’s XL is here... not only does it have the appropriate sleeve – down to nearly the bend at the elbow – but it’s lovely-long, too – Perfect for leggings. Win, Win. And the Men’s shirts in the colors I like? All on sale... lol. I guess the guys aren’t snapping up those pink and yellow shirts.... Alas, they had snapped up all the red ones in the right size. (Speaking of red – Whoot, Heather! Awesome dress!)

    I was also able to grab up some additional workout clothes – 4 dollar shirts are within my budget – and now I probably have enough shirts to hold me for a while – even if I DO seem to spill something down my front within five minutes of putting them on! *sigh* I guess it’s a good thing I got the big-load washer when my old one broke down. Just wish I didn’t hate doing laundry so much!

    I made a proper Sunday Dinner this weekend – complete with Turkey, Stuffing and Homemade Mashed Potatoes and Gravy – so, I fasted on Sunday, and swam for an hour-plus – so I could eat like it was Thanksgiving. Thankfully, I didn’t cook a whole Bird – just a single breast, so there won’t be leftovers after tonight. *whew* Of course, since I couldn’t spend an hour in the pool today, (well, I COULD have – if I had gotten up at 5am to head over there – and skipped the whole Sleeping concept... but, No) so, I will have to eat a more modest feast, in keeping with my sad little 1400 calorie budget. I haven’t fasted, today – I have a hard time with fasting when I am working – but, I might stop for a short pedal to earn another 100 calories or so for that extra half cup of stuffing! LOVE me some stuffing.

    This week, being a short one, is going to be busy, so I will probably just be stopping in now and then, but, I will try to keep up with all that is happening... and my heavens, there is always something happening!

    Gratz to all the Losers! Cheers to all the Travellers! Keep those Baby and Puppy pictures coming! (OMG - Mary – How adorable are those twins! You must be a proud Grandma!) Lenora – Where’s my toast? LOL. Love all the funnies... Healing thoughts to all the health-challenged. So glad little Olivia is improving. Poor little tyke just needed some proper food! Sherry – I will see if my DH has that movie on tap – and I can say that I am way into recycling and conservation. I do what I can to help.

    I am off to change into my gym clothes... Most of the folks round these parts have gone home, already, so I mostly have the place to myself. I can work the last hour or so in my leggings and tennies. That stuffing is calling my name – so a pedal is in order.

    Hugs for Everybody!

    Re in TX
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    KarenVA- I'm thrilled for Olivia and your family! Great news! She is so precious!

    Mary from Minnesota
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    Lanette, I have been on Metformin for years. My fasting blood sugar hangs around that range for quite a while although my HgA1C has always been very normal.

    Karen, is Olivia on her Mom's breast milk? That would be so reassuring to Mom knowing her own milk is what is causing this improvement. I still can't get that picture out of my head of Mom holding her so close. You can see the love in her embrace.

    My sister is home and glad to be!!!! Will sleep in her own sleep number bed, take her meds on her own schedule. Thyroid medicine must be given at 5 AM you know!!!

    Joyce, Indiana
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    There are some really big losers on this thread. Great job!!!! I am so tired I almost couldn't chew my dinner. Now that is tired
    Joyce-great news about your sister.
    Re- I never
    Thought about men's shirt, I will check that out.
    Karen- love the picture of Olivia and her Mom.
    Must get to bed.
    SueBDew in TX
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    stats for the day:

    bike ride hm 2 gym- 15.02min, 11.9amph, 137mhr, 2.9mi = 141c
    apple watch- 111c
    JOG- 18.41min, 6.3-7.0speed, 9.21min mi19, 136ahr, 147mhr, 2mi = 196c
    apple watch- 212c
    bike ride gym 2 dome train station- 7.15min, 129mhr, 12.6amph, 1.5mi = 93c
    apple watch- 64c
    bike ride puyallup train station to sumner train station- 16.14min, 11.4amph, 135ahr, 152mhr, 3mi = 190c
    apple watch- 115c
    jog station 2 wk- 5.05min, 9.56min mi, 143ahr, 155mhr, .5mi = 78c
    apple watch- 61c
    jog wk 2 sta- 4.18min, 9.16min mi, 150mhr, .4mi = 62c
    Apple Watch- 53c
    bike ride dome 2 hm- 22.12min, 7.7amph, 153mhr, 2.8mi = 241c
    apple watch- 161c

    total cal 1001
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    My 2017 goals:
    De-clutter my home...::sigh::
    Keep my weight stable
    Saving money for a trip to Hawaii - new body, new experiences!
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    1056287i3zmwzup2m.gifStats for today:
    18,000 steps
    188 minutes walking Sasha and Bess
    172 minutes riding the exercise bike
    10 minutes doing physical therapy exercises
    80 squats
    one minute plank

    My word for 2017 is "balance"

    "Discard anything that doesn't spark joy.....Life becomes far easier when you know that things will work out even if you are lacking something.".....marie kondo
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    Karen in VA ... so glad to see Olivia and mom together ... all will be well!

    Gloria ... You are a saint! ...middle-school aged boys are absolutely impossible ... fortunately, they do not remain in middle-school forever ... Hugs as you deal with the little bugger.

    Not doing so well on the healthy eating ... but I know what to do to get back at it.

    Not sure who said they were taking down wallpaper ... but thanks! ... you inspired to finish up my going on 7 year bathroom project from you know where. Almost have all of the paper down!

    Beth near Buffalo
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    Hi, I've been with MFP for a while but never ventured onto the messages boards or communities but now is the time.
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    Lanette, yes I would love the recipe for the muffins. Sounds very similar to a low carb roll/bun I make to use for my hamburgers.


    Janetr okc
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    Sue in WA: What a devil she is. :devil: I've seen videos of horses playing with giant balls. Do you suppose yours is bored and needs something to do? Meanwhile, there has to be some system you can use to keep the water trough from being tipped over or bounced to splash out water. I hope you'll tell us how you deal with it. :flowerforyou:

    Jolene: Thanks for sharing your experience with sleep apnea. I'm so happy that you're doing better now. :smiley:

    Becca: I agree with you about the amazing support within this group. :heart:

    Sarah, Ontario & DJ: Thanks for your good thoughts. I had a wonderful time with my friends today. Two of us went to see "J" who lives in a very nice retirement community in the area. She hired me to teach after I'd spent time volunteering in her program back when my son was one of her students. She changed my life. I always enjoy her company. My other friend also taught in her program. :smiley:

    sharontank: Welcome to a great group. :flowerforyou:

    terewilliams: "So we will see. Right now the challenge is to see if I can be a fit sexy grandma with white dred locks". It is nice to see you! I think you will be an absolute knockout with white or silver dred locks. I can hardly wait to see your picture posted here when you've made the changeover. :bigsmile:

    Barbie: "Discard anything that doesn't spark joy.....Life becomes far easier when you know that things will work out even if you are lacking something.".....marie kondo
    So sensible, and so hard to accomplish. Thanks for sharing. :star:

    Dr. Katie: Congratulations on your scale reading!!!!!!! :bigsmile:

    I had lunch with two dear friends today. It was wonderful. Even better, I got there without making a wrong turn. (The last time I went to see my friend I got lost.) :embarassed:

    Katla in beautiful NW Oregon

    “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Thomas A. Edison
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    Aaaack! My son however is Ecstatic about what I just baked! Yellow buttercream cake! I made mini loaves and some cupcakes. He said,"Oh I shall take them to school and everyone will wish a bite, but will I give them some, heck no!". I just smiled and said, "You are easily impressed!". I will admit the cakes looked really moist like a sponge cake! My dear husband frosted a mini loaf and put a bit on his fork, but I said nope! He said it's only a bit but I held firm! Tomorrow is my TOPS meeting!

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    Aaaaack! My dear husband just commented on a pic I posted on FB. He said that I don't actually take the best photos. My brain will translate that into a picture just doesn't do me justice. Men can be so blunt! This was the pic: