If you had 1 month for vacation...



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    I've narrowed down to 6 options, still a lot, but not infinite:
    1. I would love to spend more time in Thailand, particularly Krabi (some of the most beautiful beaches in the world) and I've never been to Vietnam or Cambodia. Since I travel to Asia for work, this is slightly less appealing since I could see all of these locations a week at a time when my flights are basically paid for.
    2. New Zealand. Too many people, on here and other times in my life, have praised it, not to consider it. Fiji was awesome.
    3. Amsterdam. Cheap flights, heard great things, and very central to many places I want to see.
    4. Greece. I once had a trip booked there that I had to cancel. Still want to see it. Kinda want to wait until Turkey is safe to see as well though.
    5. Nepal and Tibet
    6. Go hike Torres del Paine. Not sure I have time to prepare for this though.

    1. You should definitely see Cambodia sometime, but if you travel to Asia for work, that's an easy one to add to the end of a trip.
    2. Yes. What month are you going? That can make a big difference to your overall experience.
    3. My personal view on European cities is that they will be easy enough to do as I get older, whereas some of the other places on my list are things I should do while I'm young and my body is very able. Also, the cheap flights might be negated by the expensive everything else. Every time I'm in Europe I'm like "This tiny plate of food is HOW MUCH?!"
    4. You could spend a month in Greece alone, I think. There is so much history, so much culture, so many beautiful islands... And there's still a lot of great deals to be had.
    5. Nepal is so diverse and so rich in culture. Definitely worth visiting, and if you can swing it seeing Everest is pretty frikkin cool. Maybe add Bhutan in if you pick this?
    6. This would be amazing, but I'd move it down the list if you don't feel prepared.
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    This past summer I spent it in Spain. Living in a small town called Chelva. This summer? I don't have a clue yet.
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    I would lock my self in my house, with a few cases of whiskey, and see if I could forget, the last year....
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    Japan, Greece, New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, Chile, Egypt, etc.
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    At a former place I had 6 weeks vacation each year. I sold 4 of them back to the company for cash every year.
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    My holiday will be starting 17th February, and have over a month. Japan, Egypt, dubai and South Korea.