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  • mbaker566mbaker566 Member Posts: 11,223 Member Member Posts: 11,223 Member
    cee134 wrote: »

    so cute
  • mattig89chmattig89ch Member Posts: 2,632 Member Member Posts: 2,632 Member
    @kevinflemming1982 those are very cute puppies!
  • slimgirljo15slimgirljo15 Member, Premium Posts: 252,824 Member Member, Premium Posts: 252,824 Member
    mbaker566 wrote: »
    my dog (front) is still not thrilled to have this foster dog

    Looks very impressed lol
  • slimgirljo15slimgirljo15 Member, Premium Posts: 252,824 Member Member, Premium Posts: 252,824 Member
    My girlfriend's dog Riri managed to get out in the evening, about a month and a half ago. She was definitely in heat and getting very eager to go outside every time I saw her. Which ended up in her becoming pregnant by a neighbour's dog. By the time my girlfriend found her, the dirty deed was already done lol. The end result was five super-cute pups.


    My girlfriend is only keeping one of them, Storm. He's so cute and already our favourite. No idea about breeds, as they're so mixed. Which in my eyes is better, because selective breeding is a horrible practice and causes nothing but health issues for dogs.


    The others were called Winter, Snow, Autumn and Summer. They're going to friends and family.


    They are sooo cute ❤
  • lporter229lporter229 Member Posts: 4,904 Member Member Posts: 4,904 Member
    lporter229 wrote: »
    Kayaking with Arya.

    that's awesome. My husband and I just got kayaks and we are wondering if we will be able to take our pupper along with us. She doesn't appear to be a huge fan of the water, but isn't afraid of it either. How does your dog do in the kayak? Does she like to swim? Do you have any pointers for us? Thanks!

    She loves the kayak now, she wasn’t a fan at first. And she’s not really a fan of swimming.

    My first tip is to invest in a life vest for your dog. I suggest one with a handle on the back so if you have to, you can pull them out of the water. I’d start with getting use to the kayak on land. Just have them sit it in for a minute or two. After a couple tries you can try rocking it gently back a forth to get them use to the motion. And when you take them out the first time make the trip short and on calm water.

    Thanks so much for the advice. great idea for the handle. I'll be sure and let you know how it goes.
  • cee134cee134 Member Posts: 33,765 Member Member Posts: 33,765 Member
  • kevinflemming1982kevinflemming1982 Member Posts: 158 Member Member Posts: 158 Member
    That is a genius dog bowl! I am definitely getting one of those, when I get a dog.
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