Healthy food choice on a budget

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How do you guys prepare healthy food but on a budget ?
Share some recipes with me <3


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    Thank you ! That helps a lot. Will definitely try some of these and get that pressure cooker
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    Definitely do your shopping at places like Aldi's. Stuff, while mostly Aldi Brand, can be a lot cheaper there.

    I get banana's for $0.29 a lb compared to $0.55 a lb at walmart. A 3lb bag of cuties is currently $3.97 at my local walmart and I just bought a 3 lb bag at Aldi's for $2.49.
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    Thanks you for the information but sadly there's no Aldi's where I live
  • A pot of vegetable soup will run about $6. You need a soup or stock pot, and a mandoline slicer will be your best friend.

    Jar of minced garlic ($2.50, will make several pots of soup)
    2 large onions ($1)
    a whole thing of celery ($1)
    2 pounds of carrots ($1)
    1 pound bag of frozen, french cut green beans ($1)
    Salt, pepper

    Cut everything to bits. I use the 3.5mm slicer on the mandoline. I include the celery leaves because why not. Be sure to caramelize your onions and about a tablespoon of garlic in a splash of olive oil before adding the rest of the ingredients. Fill with enough water to just cover the veggies. I start with a tablespoon of sea salt and pepper and adjust from there. Boil until everything is tender, but not mush.

    Chicken soup
    Skip the salt and use chicken bouillon (or a vegan alternative if preferred), which usually has salt in it.
    Skip the carrots, and use 3-5 peeled, sliced, roasted beets. Add the juice and zest of 2 small lemons.
    French onion
    Replace celery or green beans with an additional 2-3 onions. Instead of salt, use beef bouillon or you could probably use a packet of onion soup mix.
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    Anything beans.
    -Add taco seasoning to lentils or refried beans and top with cheese and salsa, maybe some chips
    -Three bean salad: one can each garbanzo, kidney and green beans, season with olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper
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    Thanks guys, this really helps me out !
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    Buy fruit and veg in season when it is much cheaper. Brown rice can bulk out a meal to help it go further. Buy all non perishables in bulk when they are on sale as much as possible so that you have more to spend on fresh food. There is nothing wrong with minced meat which is much cheaper. Cheaper, tougher cuts of meat are great in stews and casseroles. Plan your weekly meals around items that are on sale in the supermarkets.
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    Also, rolled oats is one of the cheapest breakfasts around and healthier than any cereal you find in a box.
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    Thank you for sharing !
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    Would be easier to reply if you tell us what foods you like/dislike.My freezer always has frozen veggies,fruit & homemade soups.There are tons of things to do with eggs....from adding to salad,egg salad,frittata,omelets etc.There is no rule saying you need to buy / use expensive meat....or any expensive food.Keep in mind,canned food can work.Google low cost food plans.Good luck.
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    store brands; get food that is on sale that you will eat - i.e. storebrand pasta is about $1 a box and if I measure out a serving can last me a week; a bottle of spaghetti sauce about $3 and will last the same, if I use just enough to coat my pasta

    check for coupons or rewards points - my store often has rewards points that are 2/$3 type deals; or 10/$10 when it comes to yoghurt

    while I know everyone recommends Aldi - I was disappointed and the bread that I bought there while cheap was moldy 2 days later - so I essentially wasted that $3
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    Low budget friendly foods where I live are things like oatmeal, tuna, whole chicken or chicken thighs, dry beans, lentils, rice, pasta, bread, peanut butter, eggs, potatoes, carrots, apples, ground turkey, cabbage, onions, canned tomatoes, frozen vegetables, flour
    Meal planning is a really good idea if you have a tight budget.
    Soup is a good dollar stretcher. I make a big pot once a week usually. My family likes, tomato, lentil, minestrone, fassolatha, potato, and cheese soups.
    Cut up meat and put it in casseroles, stir fry, soups, etc to stretch a smaller amount farther.
    Cut up, skin, bone, or shred food yourself. has lots of tasty cost conscious recipes.
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    Aldi is cheap but I have trouble finding many things I'm willing to buy. I love Trader Joe's, which has decent prices. This weekend we're going to Costco to stock up on inexpensive things we eat all the time, like Nutrigrain bars, peanut butter crackers, etc.

    Our cheapest meals we make at home include bean burritos, pasta with pasta sauce and a side of sautéed frozen broccoli, veggie soup, sautéed vegetables with chicken breast over rice, etc. We also make homemade pizza instead of ordering delivery.

    Unfortunately, there are many items we overspend on, including beer, wine, coffee, protein bars, and other convenience foods.
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    Also,check out & cabbage roll soup from Both have nutrition for recipes. Just made the cabbage roll soup for dinner. Smells yummy....very economical.
  • Rice and frozen veggies. Literally my life living in a college dorm without a kitchen (minifreezer, minifridge and microwave) and as a college kid, I can't afford to spend too much. Even making ramen and adding in veggies isn't too bad... just drink a lot of water after to flush out the sodium :)
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    Beans and legumes, oats, brown rice, potatoes, frozen fruits (unless you need fresh), and whole grain pastas are a lifesaver when it comes to eating on a budget and are also just so healthy and nutritious! Plus they are mostly dry ingredients that store well, so you don't need to eat them quickly! Hope this helps :)
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    Good thread- along the lines of meal planning, I'll base the majority of our meals by what's on sale at the stores.

    This week some of my meals are
    country style pork ribs w/steamed broccoli & cauliflower and oven roasted potatoes;

    roasted chicken legs with salad, black-eyed peas & cooked cabbage;

    London broil roast with mashed potatoes, roasted carrots & parsnips (from my garden);

    Breakfast for dinner- eggs from my chickens, toast, sausage, fresh fruit

    I feed 4-6 (depending on who's home) and try to make my meals come out for less than $10/meal.
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    With a little prep work you can make freezer meals. Here is a sample of what I bought this past week. I wanted a stir fry so I got :
    1bag of frozen steamable brown rice,
    1bag of frozen steamable sweet peas
    1 small head of cabbage
    1 pound bag of chopped carrots
    1 pack of boneless skinless chicken breast that had 3 in it
    seasonings to taste were soy sauce, red pepper, ground ginger and garlic.
    This makes 4 meals!!!! For each meal I weighed out the chicken to 5 oz per serving. And cut each serving up and sautéed it separately in a pan with just nonstick spray and 1/4 of the onion and I cut the serving size of rice to 1/2 a cup to cut down on carbs. 1 cup cabbage steamed, 1/2 c steamed peas, 1 cup carrots steamed , mix together in a bowl and season and put into a quart freezer bags.