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    If your a true low carber you should find an alternate. I cut honey out.

    I ate a banana and some cashews today before my workout.
    I'll be a low-carber for my 3rd year in June...

    A small amount of honey is a far cry better than a banana.

    We have low-carbers in here from 0g to 150g. And a slow-carber. Any effort at carb restriction certifies you as a real low-carber in this group. :smile:

    Indeed. Thanks baconslave, Im a low carber who eats "forbidden" foods every now and then bc well, I can. If you're trying to change your tastebuds to not want sugar, then leaving it out for now may be better. Overall, I say have the honey if it fits your carb count. See how you do. If you want something and truly miss it, I think having it is better than depriving yourself (and possibly binging later?!) Life is short.

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    Sugar free honey and maple syrup? What people believe...

    I eat about 100g net carbs daily, and I'm able to fit in a teaspoon of honey in my tea every day. It's practically dessert :) If it fits carb/sugar wise for you, then enjoy your honey!
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    I so want this recipe! I'm the fudge maker at holiday time for my family and I'd love to be able to make some that I can have a bit of and not feel bad about giving to my son.

    I used to make Kraft Fantasy Fudge (the old recipe with LOTS of carbs, ugh) and was trying to find a healthier, lower-carb recipe. I'm another one of those who, when eating higher carb foods, starts craving more and more of the food and have a hard time stopping. :(

    I found this fudge recipe at the following link but I use more pecans than it calls for. I've never met a pecan (almond, walnut, etc, lol) that I didn't love. :) And I love lots of pecans in my fudge. http://thecoconutmama.com/cococnut-cream-chocolate-fudge-dairy-free/

    While the coconut butter is softening, get everything else ready. I grease my pan (using 1 Tbsp of Kerrygold butter on it) and prepare my pecans ahead of time.

    1 1/2 cups coconut cream concentrate (CCC or another coconut butter)
    1/2 cup organic cocoa powder
    1 Tablespoon vanilla extract
    1/8 teaspoon sea salt
    1 cup chopped pecans optional (or lots more if you're a nut lover & prepare ahead of time)
    1/2 cup raw honey

    Step 1. Soften the CCC/coconut butter in warm water because the 1.5 cups of CCC is measured warm and smooth, not hard. Once your coconut butter is creamy and pourable, then you can start on the fudge.

    Step 2. Prepare 8 inch square pan by greasing it. (I use lots of butter to grease the pan so that each piece of fudge has a buttery taste to it.) Set aside.

    Step 3. Heat a Medium saucepan over low heat. Add CCC, vanilla, sea salt, and cocoa powder. Mix well. Once blended, add the nuts and mix well. Then, slowly add the honey into the coconut mixture until combined. (Make sure you add the honey at the very end because the mixture WILL start to get gritty-looking like a good fudge does.

    Step 4. Pour the warm fudge into the greased 8 inch square pan. Cover and refrigerate. Allow the fudge to refrigerate for 4 hours or until it is completely set. Cut into squares and serve.

    This makes 16 pieces of fudge and is super quick and easy. I make a batch and freeze it since it freezes well and tastes yummy months later if it lasts that long, lol.

    Also, those of you used to cooking with other sweetener options could probably substitute one of those for the honey and make this an even lower carb recipe.