Home workouts ONLY with weight loss results?



  • JakiDee
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    Yes!! I have lost my weight doing Turbo Jam. I started in mid December 2012. I am just not a gym or group exercise person.
  • rgugs13
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    I got really serious when I was in college several years back, and did Turbo Jam religiously and tracked my calories, and I lost 20 pounds. Unfortunately getting complacent and a variety of life challenges reversed all that in the years since, but it is how I know it is possible. I'm doing Focus T25 now, and I feel like I get a better workout from it in 30 minutes than when I spent 2 hours in the gym. I'm not tracking calories, just focusing on eating healthy foods and making exercise a habit. I lost 3 pounds in my first week without depriving myself, so it is doable!

    Good luck!

  • MelsAuntie
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    Yes, I use my elliptical machine, sometimes 5 or 8 lb. dumbbells, and I live on a farm, so there's stall cleaning, hay hauling, etc. I've lost 21 lbs., slowly, as I wanted to, I've never been to a gym in my life.
  • RunningForeverMama
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    The closest gym to me is 70 miles away so I run and do body-weight exercises (Body by You).
  • curly1986
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    I've just been exercising at home with workouts I find on you tube!! I like the walk away the pounds, and I'm a bit in love with Tiffany Rothe workouts. Done her booty shaking waist workout yesterday and today and up round my ribs are pretty sore now, even though its only a 10 min workout!! So you can definitely get a good workout in the comfort of your own home (and for me that means I dont have to worry about anybody seeing me looking like a big sweaty tomato!)
  • alienrite
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    My workouts have all been outside of a gym. I did most of my weight loss using an elliptical trainer that I have had for about 5 years (mostly unused up to July of 2012) and recently added a treadmill. I do run outside now and play golf. I have a dumb bell set and small bench and a pull-up bar for resistance training.
  • moxiept
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    Bump for all the good info! Thanks!
  • RoyBeck
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    I can't afford £50 per month gym membership so I'm alternating between paying it one month then having a month off and doing one month workouts at home. Insanity, those walking videos on youtube and some weights too. Fitnessblender is superb as others have said.

    IMO just youtube everything you see in this thread and see what works best for you.
  • SJackson50
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    Jillian...nothing but Jillian :-)
  • mareeee1234
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    Follow the blogilates calendar! or do lots of her HIIT fat melting videos..AMAZING
  • NaomiJFoster
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    Fitness Blender is brilliant!

    Yep. I've been living on Fitness Blender for about 85% of my workouts since about November. The other 15% I walk, hula-hoop, dance, or do other videos. I've lost 20 pounds. OK it's taken me a few months to do it, and it's going slower that it should be... but that's because of my food choices. I love working out at home. When I'm done and exhausted, I can plop down on the couch to recover before showering. And I don't have to worry about etiquette and social niceties at all.
  • greenmm25
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    last year when I lost 30 lbs I only worked out at home doing xbox work out games like biggest loser and Just Dance and jog/walk occasionally.