Ordering eggs in a restaurant!



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    most places won't even give you runny yolks anymore

    I don't know how you can know what "most" restaurants all around the world do. Poached eggs with runny yokes are definitely the norm in my part of the world, and I don't recall being served an egg that is broken, I suspect it wouldn't leave the kitchen that way. Occasionally I'll get served an egg that doesn't have a runny yoke and if the coffee isn't any good either, then we'll choose to eat somewhere else.

    Yokes sometimes break when I'm cooking the eggs - usually if I don't break it carefully and it gets speared on the shell on the way into the pan. Or if I haven't used oil or butter in my pan and I don't lift it out carefully enough.
    Of course I'll still eat it that way at home, but if I'm paying someone to prepare my meal, I expect they should deliver what I've ordered.