What do you all fear?



  • Motorsheen
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    Having nothing left to give but hatred..

    Hi ?
  • Motorsheen
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    Also, aside from sharks...aliens.

    I would so much rather see a shark than an alien.

    I think you're safe.

    I get that. But why, exactly? I'm pretty sure when the aliens arrive they will exterminate us in order to inhabit our biosphere...but why wouldn't they arrive here?

    We send out signals. That seems really dumb.

    Sure, we send out signals to each other all the time and it works out great. But alien life...mightn't be even humanly recognizable as life.

    That mightn't be the sort of thing you want to talk to.

    two quick, off-the-cuff thoughts on the topic....

    misery loves company

    I probably taste like chicken
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  • Merkavar
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    Distance above the ground, so not specifically heights like being on cliff edges but also being in deep water, like swimming out too far or on a boat.
  • FaeryLove18
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    Worst day ever would be, being trapped in a car with a spider(big one) while there is cloud to ground lightning and bumble bees swarming about. :'(

    And then that car plunges off a bridge and starts sinking in the water and you can't break the windows.....that spider would be terrified I bet

    Thanks pal, my horrible day just got worst, but a tiny silver lining....can't see the lightning anymore. :neutral::p
  • LAT1963
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    After watching Dr. Who yesterday, I fear being trapped in a TimeLord confessional box for 4.5 billion years.
  • terr91payette14
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    I'm terrified of tornados. I will literally sit in a bathtub until a tornado watch is over shivering and sometimes crying. I honestly feel like I'd die of a heart attack or something from fear of dying from a tornado. Thank God we don't get many warning where I live. Also really afraid of how I'm going to die and what happens after.
  • mizroxy13
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    Being buried alive...before mastering my Five-Point-Palm Exploding Heart Technique.

  • crazycat1977
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    Mine is water, but trying to overcome it by having swimming lessons. Can't even stand putting my face in the pool.
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    The dark and failure
  • GreenGoddess22
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    Vomit, tornadoes, something happening to my children
  • turbostang7
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    rejection and being alone
  • CynthiasChoice
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    Since I was a kid, I've worried that one day someone will tell me a secret that EVERYONE knows about me, but that I'm unaware of. Kind of like The Emperor's New Clothes type of scenario.

    It's the fear of being unknowingly ridiculed mixed with the fear of being the only one who is clueless.
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    My family being attacked by bears when I am unarmed and have no pepper spray

    The chances of this happening is slim to none, even when we are places where bears are common. I guess it is the fear of being mostly helpless to protect my family.
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    running out of coffee

    No coffee? Now that is terrifying!
  • Motorsheen
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    Also the possibility of ww3

    .... just a matter of time