Unhealthy food at work :(



  • Francl27
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    Is your period due? I'm always starving the week before mine starts.
  • StaciMarie1974
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    About the work place treats. SOmetimes I have them, sometimes I don't. Personally I find it easier to resist the homemade stuff, that I have no clue how many calories I'd log if I had some. I'm more likely to have something if I can account for it in my food log with reasonable accuracy.
  • 2wise4u
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    I live in Louisiana which means we have greasy fried snacks all of the time but I've noticed that if I eat my greek yogurt or fill up on good stuff that I bring, I don't have the urge to eat the crap they bring to the office.
  • cathipa
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    I have drug rep lunches just about every day. I used to feel guilty because they are bringing us free lunch, but eventually made the decision to just eat my preplanned lunch with them. No one is sabotaging you. They are just being kind and sharing. It is up to you to decide if it fits your day.

    If you are feeling hungry you are either being too restrictive or not eating enough satiating foods (i.e. protein and fats).
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    Yep (a friend's leaving the company, however people bring in for birthdays, project milestones, treats from holidays or just because its Friday so the kitchen can be a bit of a calorie-bomb landmine) and I'm "due on" so I've been vacuuming it up everytime I pop in for a cuppa, I'm doing a fitness class later though so hopefully that'll negate some of the damage. However I've been getting better at ignoring when I'm not pre sharkweek.

    Feeders are the worst though I had one for a year when I was dieting for my wedding and she'd not only offer me cake constantly (after I was noticeably losing weight) but put the cakes on a spare desk next to mine instead of in the kitchen. She was a lovely person too in every other way and a little heavier than me so I'd always feel guilty refusing since I was "on a diet" but man having those cakes at arms reach giving me flirtatious "come hither and put me in your mouth" looks whilst I was already restricting cals was a nightmarish test of will.
  • YaGigi
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    High-calorie food is everywhere. The world (and your workplace) is not going to change for you - we all just have to learn how to deal with it and realize not everyone has the same health/calorie/life goals as us.

    You said it perfectly.

    Food is everywhere and people eat all kind of food and kindly offer it to you too. It's not their fault that you've decided to go on a diet and they don't need to adapt their lifestyle to yours.

    Just live your life, enjoy it. And enjoy your food and your new habits. You're making yourself healthy and beautiful, it's such a lovely journey. Instead of focusing on "no, I can't have this and that, I simply may not eat this!" You should think something positive like "yummmm salad!"

    I know it sounds simplistic and too basic but it works for me. I really don't want a cake but would love some fruits instead.
  • melodydee66
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    Tempting food choices will always be around but I try to do a few things to help myself avoid indulging:

    1. Take a few minutes to ask myself if it's worth it. Will it be worth the guilt I will feel after I have the treat?
    2. Take a moment to ask myself if it's worth how I will physically feel after. I'm finding now that if I have something really sugary, I will feel sick to my stomach and queasy. Is that two moments really worth hours of physical agony and headaches that I know will come?
    3. Take a moment to feel proud of myself for being able to resist. It's actually a really empowering feeling.
    4. Make a joke to my co-workers. Many know about my journey as I've been pretty honest, so I find that saying something like, "I'm sure it tastes horrible, right?", they will joke back and say... "yes, you wouldn't like this at all". I know it's not true, but it's enough accountability addressing it that I can have the willpower to walk away.
    5. Keep a few small sugar free candies, gum or popcorn at my desk so if I really feel I need something, there is something to go to.
    6. Take the time to plan some really yummy food for lunch and know I have that to look forward to.
    7. Take a moment to read an inspirational quote or look at a few online to keep me motivated.

    It will never be easy, but the more you do it, the stronger you will be and the more you will feel good about yourself for being able to be around treats and not partake whether it's at work, a party or holiday functions.
    Now that's not to say I never indulge... I just make sure I've made an educated choice whether it's really worth it in that moment.

    Good luck and stay strong.