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Need Help guys... Jelly Belly!!



  • wsandy8512wsandy8512 Posts: 1,897Member Member Posts: 1,897Member Member
    I'm cutting down cardio and doing whole body strength training now. Going to use the extra fat I have now while it's still there. lol I may start going to a gym in a few months, until then, I think my body weight is plenty.

    I really enjoy reading your thoughts, by the way.
  • NoMoreAfatChickNoMoreAfatChick Posts: 226Member Member Posts: 226Member Member
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    I did read an article about people applying ice compresses (with water in it) to the stomach and that it will actually kill the fat and then it will be used up. They do this in some spas now. The ice has to be in a bag with water so it isn't so cold that it burns you. That might be a way to spot reduce but losing weight through diet and exercise isn't going to spot reduce.

    I would need A LOT of ice to cover those areas! My ice maker wouldn't be able to handle the daily ice requirements so I'd have to go buy some... probably be a weekly shortage in my area if I used what was needed!

    I read an article yesterday about this as well. It said that in reality it's very, very hard to gain muscle while losing weight except during a window that only two types of people have... very overweight, obese, & morbidly obese people because your fat stores are used as reserves for building muscle; or, for someone who is at a low and/or healthy weight and wants to build. Why? Because for fat loss you need a calorie deficit, whereas for muscle building you need a calorie surplus.

    Also read a few days ago in several articles, when researching the possibility of non-surgical options for loose skin, that large people who lost a lot of weight shouldn't even consider surgery unless they still have loose skin at their healthiest, lowest bmi which is 10% for males and 20% for females. The reason is because if bmi is over those, chances are that it's subcutaneous fat and not all skin.

    I lost some muscle the first couple months of OMAD (by Inbody measurements) and then started lifting and making sure I got adequate protein and I gained it back in a couple of months and I lost weight at the same time (while doing OMAD). I think protein is the key. If it works for obese people it should work for anyone who has some extra fat I would think.

    I am thinking i should start lifting once i lose like 10more pounds or 15maybe.. Thank you :smile:
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