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I don't support the fat acceptance/plus size movement.



  • knittinjen
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    Respectfully, I think this misstates the movement a bit. The body positivity movement isn't about promoting being heavy, it's about teaching women to love themselves, and rejecting impossible body standards. You hear about super models eating 500 calories a day because a size 2 is too big, and that's not healthy either. My favorite body positive writer, Lindy West, always writes that it's just about loving yourself enough to treat your body with dignity and respect. Maybe you want to lose weight (I know I do), but hating yourself the whole time you're on the journey for not being thin enough is no way to live.

    I hate being overweight, and I have every health problem that comes with it. But I don't think it's a bad thing to encourage people to love themselves through ever step of the journey.

    Oh and for the record, I don't think you sound like a shallow bully at all. Your view comes from a good place--that is that obesity is not a good or healthy lifestyle. I just think the movement is about accepting that we all come in different shapes and sizes, and overweight people are still worthy of love.

    Mainly that last line and the idea that we're still 100% fully a person no matter our weight. I think it's much easier to have the mindset for losing weight if your self worth is not tied to the scale. That said I'm looking forward to living more comfortably by losing weight. But if I gain weight one week or binge on cookies I'm not going to decide I'm a worthless failure. I'm just going to do better tomorrow.
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    I was very overweight as a young girl. It was extremely hard to find any clothes that fit, much less anything fashionable.

    Now when I go shopping I notice there are so so many options for plus sized teens and adults.

    I have wondered whether or not this is a good thing. As a teen I would have loved this! But as an adult I recognize that this makes being very large quite a bit "easier" on a person.

    I don't have a set opinion on this topic. Just an observation. Part of my motivation in losing weight all those years ago was just wanting to be able to buy clothes in the "normal" section.
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    Or you could just mind your own business, since many people don't give a flying *kitten* who does and doesn't support any 'movement', including yourself.
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