Dating while overweight??



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    I started dating my husband when I was quite obese, got more obese while we were dating and have now lost a lot. At no stage did I ever feel that I shouldn't have been dating someone because I was overweight.
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    I say go for it. I mean, this is my wedding photo, and I got a bit heavier the year following our wedding. Coming up on 12 years of marriage in about 6-7 weeks. I was about that size when we started dating too.


    Congrats on your 12 years of marriage. And you did look like a happy couple in that wedding photo.
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    I was overweight from the time I was 12-29 years old. So I did most of my dating overweight. Had no trouble.

    I am more insecure NOW actually, because a couple pounds can really show up in a dress. Or if I'm bloated and not feeling super lean, I can get a bit insecure. Before, it just was what it was.
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    Hey y'all!,
    I was curious to see how people felt about this, because I have been offered so many invites to dates and I keep declining them just for this reason.
    1. How was dating while you were overweight/are overweight?
    2. Does it make you insecure to date while not feeling you look good?
    Please give me anything you can that will make me step out of my comfort zone!

    I am supposed to go on a date tonight, but I feel as though my own insecurities of my weight are going to stop me. This probably doesn't help, but I did look on Reddit and google and in general, the answers were not so pretty.
    Please no meanies! I am probably just your typical 20 year old girl who is full of confidence issues! :):)

    Is this a blind date, or has the person seen you before? If they've seen you and still invited you, then you've already passed the first hurdle. Please don't think negative thoughts of yourself if someone has expressed a positive interest in you.

    You didn't say how heavy you are, or how much overweight you are, but there's much more to a person than actual numbers. Let your personality show itself, and the weight may become a small detail of no consequence.
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    The past 15 years of my weight and dating history is as follows: Was thin; met a person; got thinner/fitter; broke up after four years and lots of unhappiness/self-doubt; put on a few pounds; met a different person; put on some more weight; got married to the person; put on a lot (A LOT) of weight; still deliriously happily married to the person after 10 years; now I weigh everything I eat.

    There's no correlation between weight and the quality of a relationship. Dating and relationships are part of life and I didn't stop doing other normal, part-of-life things (working, paying rent, going to the store, going out with friends) just because I was fat, so I didn't stop dating, either. It's worked out well for me.

    Have fun this weekend!