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What are your unpopular opinions about health / fitness?



  • mathjulz
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    jdlobb wrote: »
    I have no idea what region woodchucks are native to. They just seem like critters you'd find in Oregon or Washington

    I believe it's actually quite a large range. In some areas (like here in Utah) they are called groundhogs. Other areas call them whistle pigs. And apparently some people call them ground beavers. I thought their range was most of North America, but when I googled it, it was mostly east of the Mississippi and throughout Canada. Hmm.
  • stevencloser
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    bpetrosky wrote: »
    jdlobb wrote: »
    I asked Google. Apple cider is what we would probably call cloudy apple juice.

    that's it. you folks need to better distribute words

    Hard Cider
    Apple Juice
    Apple Cider

    Apple Juice
    Cloudy Apple Juice

    Your language just needs a good re-balancing.

    Well no. We invented cider so we get to stipulate that it's always and forever alcoholic.

    There's apple juice from the supermarket, of varying qualities with cloudy being the fanciest but likely still pasteurised. Or you can buy apples/go to a hipster juice shop and get fresh/freshly squeezed apple juice.

    Calling any apple juice sans alcohol cider makes no sense whatsoever. Ask the Romans and native Britons who got together at the time and cemented the beverage as a staple drink.

    I think we can blame those Puritans you guys foisted over onto our continent for de-alcoholizing things. We're still dealing from the hangover those joyless gits left behind.

    Do you at least have alcoholic eggnogg? Cause that *kitten* is awesome.
  • WinoGelato
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    jdlobb wrote: »
    I like butter, and I like coffee. But the 2 together is just...wrong

    Butter on a cinnamon roll with coffee was my mom's favorite breakfast. How can that be wrong?
  • GottaBurnEmAll
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    Carlos_421 wrote: »
    On that note, if I visit Texas for food, I'm getting TexMex. For BBQ, I'm going to Alabama, Tennessee, KC or the Carolinas.

    For North Carolina BBQ, eastern or western?

    Though I'm veggie and no longer would consume, I lived in NC for a while, and hubby and I developed opinions about this.
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