30 Day SHRED!!!!!! "AGAIN!!!"



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    urshela111 wrote: »
    I know that this is one of the most repeated discussion, BUTTTTTT lets do it one more time.... :smile: :wink:
    Gals out there, i highly need motivation and more than that i need an exercise buddy.
    I want to start 30day shred sooon... I am going to follow 1200calorie intake and will try to eat as clean as possible(i am very bad when it comes to eating :disappointed: ). I am gonna log everything in my dairy which is open.
    Key: 1) Proper diet
    2) 30day shred
    3) 3mins cardio atleast 4times a week and atleast 30mins walking for 2day(1rest day).

    my stats: i havnt checked my weight recently but i can say 155pounds. height 5'3''. goal weight: 120pounds
    Please drop a message or respond here so that we can support each other and lose weight and grow strong.

    How uncanny. I started at 155lbs, im 5'3. My Goal weight is 120lbs too!!
    (Im at 133 now would love to know your progress)

    Wow.. awesome... unfortunately I am still @155 or may be 158pounds..
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    I'm using Body Shred but would be happy to be a workout buddy! I've done 30 day numerous times just to stay toned.
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    Hello I am on l1 day 3 shred 30. I have bad knees and plantar fascia but I am doing this to loose weight and hopefully the pain will go away. My body is getting toned and my left side body is sore and my knees were sore at night. I love this video