Stationary swimming: swim belt



  • prairiepinecone
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    @Charlene_Marie_723 I would think with a little rigging, any of the tie types should work. @dmkoenig might have more incite for you.

    @Duck_Puddle Have you ever tied yours off to a ladder?
  • Duck_Puddle
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    I have not tied mine to a ladder, I'm not sure you'd have enough room for your legs? Maybe if you found a way to attach it to the top point of the ladder? I have to think that with enough rigging, anything could work but I tend to be a tad on the stubborn side.
  • Charlene_1985
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    Thanks for the tips. I'll buy one and see what I can do. It's our condo swimming pool so I have to be somewhat careful and not in the way with whatever I decide to rig.
  • dmkoenig
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    @Charlene_Marie_723 - the Aquasphere ankle tether that I have used and referenced in my prior post has two elasticized cords that clip onto each of your ankles. It's a very simple matter of just making a simple loop on the ladder pole with each cord just above the step that is just at or above the water line and then attaching the strap clip to the ankle tether clip. The ankle tether is just a couple of velcro straps that go around your ankle and heel. Hope that helps...
  • Skipjack66
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    I bought one back in 2002. It's an Aquatrainer - a clip on belt for the waist with a 6' very strong elastic cord and then another clip to tie to a ladder. The company is no longer in business. I used it for a season but found it to be very boring. I also didn't like they way it changed my form, as it was pulling me up in the water. So I put it away thinking I'd only use it if I was desperate.

    Well I'm now in the desperate catagory. I've got some serious problems with my hip and cant engage in any weight bearing cardio anymore (ever). I also have longstanding shoulder issues from years of swimming, so I can't put in the same kind of mileage anymore. I was doing my own version of vigorous aquafit in my pool and then remembered that I had the cord. So I pulled it out of the cupboard last week and gave it a whirl. I used it for stationary kicking on my back, snorkel kicking on my front, dolphin kick, breast stroke kicking and pulling, as well as freestyle. It worked really well for stationary kicking and breast stroke, although it still pulls me up. Freestyle is a little more tricky as it really throws off my form. Also the cord can get in the way while kicking on your back so it takes a little practice to centre it. I put a noodle under my neck to raise my head slightly above the waves that are created when the sides of the pool are reflecting back all the turbulence.

    Overall it worked really well and I felt like I had a good workout. I also beat the boredom factor by buying a waterproof iPod shuffle. It made it all very pleasant, actually!