Why eating too little calories is a bad idea.....



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    Thanks @PAV8888 I appreciate you.
    When I started on MFP in January, It gave me a calorie goal of 1530. I am no longer swimming long distance so my cardio is kinda out the window currently. @xxzenabxx
    How do I figure out what the sweet spot is? I think I have already started a reverse diet... Although I had to look that up! ;))
    What is really emotional for me just now is that I did not realize that I was going in this direction but I guess I never really learned how to eat properly. At 55, better late then never!

    Thank you for your help.

    You can just use an online calculator and aim to reverse diet up to the maintenance calories and see how you feel? It’s tricky because my TDEE fluctuates so sometimes it’s 2300 and sometimes it’s up to 2700 so you just have to find an average.
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    Spotted: weight TREND not daily weight ups and downs.

    Theory of reverse diet is add Cal's a chunk at a time (example +200, +200, then +100) for 1 week intervals per increase till continuous week over week trends indicate steady gain at which point you reduce cals to balance at max intake without gain

    This then allows you to lose from a higher start.

    Once the brain chemicals and pathways have well oiled grooves possibility of Ed recurrence is higher and any deficit can trigger it. With larger deficits being even more likely trigger :(

    Yeah it’s definitely a tricky one. The reason why I’m counting calories is because I actually UNDEREAT when I try to do it intuitively and then I risk losing muscle so I’m sticking to a 0.5 lbs a week loss.