I Just Love Bread Too Much



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    If you eat whole grain bread it fills you up a bit more so you may not eat as many. You are just a carb addict- like most people.. is it just bread or do you eat sugary carbs as well? Your weight is fine, but keep eating that much white bread and you may end up with diabetes or issues later on. You really should try to cut down and make yourself eat more meat and veg. If all else fails, just don't buy or keep bread around. Good luck!
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    I love bread too, about 60% of my cals are from carbs...Lost 50 lbs, maintaining close to 9 years ;)
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    nevadavis1 wrote: »
    Honestly, I stopped baking. Store bought bread is easier to resist than my homemade. I'm planning to bake for the holidays, but I just can't do it on a regular basis. My husband actually feels the same way--if I bake it's just too good, especially when warm, to exercise good self control around. So for special occasions, but not all the time any more.

    MMMMMMMM homemade bread. I decided to leave my bread mixer behind in a move. I just ate too much of it. With butter. Lots of butter.

    Occasionally, I will make an almost no-knead bread like http://www.marthastewart.com/870547/olive-and-cheese-loaf in a Dutch oven. (The actual recipe I use is locked content on America's Test Kitchen but Martha is doing pretty much the same thing.)

    You have to start this recipe a day ahead of time. My Bosch bread mixer cut down on rising time and eliminated the second rise, so I could get a loaf in about 90 minutes.