Despair in finding a running partner or group, adive sought



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    OP, I'm getting from your post that you'd want to spend the entire run chatting. That would annoy the ever-loving bejeezus out of me. Some chatting would be fine, but a couple of hours straight? Hells to the naw.

    And no, it would not matter if you were my best friend in the whole world. I'd not want to chit-chat the whole way. Or even 50% of the way unless the run is very short.

    I speculate based on the running groups that I often pass or am passed by that I'm not alone and perhaps that is your problem. There just isn't that much talking going on. Some - a comment or joke now and again, but not full on conversation unless they're just starting out or have just finished.
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    Just a thought, but rather than look for a casual running group or friend, have you looked for training groups, i.e. folks who are actively training for specific events? The best running group(s) I have ever been a part of were composed of people training for raceXYZ, and therefore were 100% committed to meeting up at 6 am at the track every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for a specific workout. That part of this was coached (and thus we paid a small fee) really helped the accountability factor. But to be clear, there wasn't much talking going on during the 8x800m sessions, the weekend long runs however were definitely amenable to lots of chit chat! Ultimately even after the specific training session ended, these folks became great friends, reliable for casual running, babysitting for races, etc.