No more running



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    Did he give you any advice on how to correct your problems (not just treat the symptoms)? Many times the injury is caused by weakness or imbalance in other areas (hips, core, etc).

    he said I compensate for this weakness with my hips and core. haha
    I grew up very athletic and as he said I learned to accept the pain and deal with it later...well now is the later apparently

    However, it sounds as if this should be rectifiable. Shin splints are fixable, as is overpronation. I'm somewhat surprised that there isn't a route to resolution.

    We wil be working to rectify it. The thing is while I like running because it's a quick calorie burn I and more than willing to give it up if it starts affecting my skating which sadly I realized last night it is. I can live without running I can't live without skating. We'll start work on my other injuries after we get this one better. :smile:

    Good. The resolution should help both.