Why do cheap eggs make me sick?



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    I did not know that if I'm allergic to eggs, I could also be allergic to the flu shot. I got the flu shot once and felt like I had a cold for a day after and I read this was common in some people.
    But if I were allergic to eggs, wouldn't I be allergic to all eggs?

    It's only the cheap ol' walmart eggs that give me the problem. Just about anything that is cage free or more expensive don't do this to me. I really am starting to think it's something in the feed. I can't find any information on what walmart egg chickens are fed. It's not about taste, it's about this pain.

    My son is allergic to eggs but he can get the flu shot. By the way, your reaction to the flu shot is totally normal and not indicative to an allergy.

    So there is something that you are allergic or sensitive to. Eggs are probably made up of many different proteins and there are probably parts of certain "feed" that cross the boundary and remain intact in the egg. It may be very hard to pinpoint.

    As for Wal-Mart chickens--I would think that Wal-Mart contracts out for their eggs from a variety of egg farms/suppliers so you can't just think they have their own farm and every egg sold at Wal-Mart is the same. But there is something that's bothering you.
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    I do not buy Eggland's best. I am fortunate enough to live near Amish country, and my local family-owned grocery store supports the local farmers, including an Amish family farm where the hens are allowed to actually roam free and are not fed antibiotics or any hormones. I buy those eggs; they are more expensive than the cheap ones, but a $1 per dozen than the certified organic. I care more about the hormones & ABs anyway. It does sound like a food allergy to something in the hens' diet. I'm kind of surprised you kept eating eggs at all after that kind of reaction though.