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Your August 2017 goals



  • blambo61blambo61 Posts: 4,372Member Member Posts: 4,372Member Member
    jvcinv wrote: »
    jvcinv wrote: »
    I'll put down a goal for August of having my weekly max weight down to 187. Also complete a 2.5 hour run.
    All goals met.
    Max weekly weight at 186
    Ran over 2.5 hours last Sun.
    Also lost 10 lbs for the month.

    You the man!
  • mikseynihamikseyniha Posts: 442Member Member Posts: 442Member Member
    mikseyniha wrote: »
    Aaah! New month brings so many new opportunities! I love these goal threads. :smiley: This month could be a little challenging for me since I am traveling for a week to visit some relatives. But I still want to try to keep my challenges and be up for them.
    My goals this month
    1. Lose 3 to 4 kg to touch 75 kg/165 lbs mark.

    I gained 2 kg on a holiday this month, but glad to lose all of it plus an additional 1.2 kg. So, even though I could not achieve my goal, I am still glad that I did not end up with a gain and manage to have a net loss.

    Net weight loss in Aug 1.2 kg/2.64 lbs
    edited September 2017
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