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    Another one bites the dust!

    Power Clean triples, 90lbs, EMOTM x6
    All went well on these. Hit my knee a few time. I need to spend some time working on getting back that groove, but the strength is there

    Push Press 80x5, 80x5, 82.5x5, 85x5
    superset with bent over DB rows (2 arms at once) 30x10, 30x10, 32.5x10, 32.5x10

    Then I did 5 rounds of 250m rowing with 10,8,6,4,2 thrusters at 67.5lbs
    And I'm convinced I beat my time from my last time doing this (with 2.5lbs more on the bar!)... but I accidentally hit reset on my timer instead of pause :cry: so no proof. But I'm getting better at thrusters! (as my wrist flexibility seems to also be improving, somehow.)

    Here's hoping I don't have to stay til 6pm at work tonight since I'm leaving on vacation at the end of today! Woo!
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    krokador wrote: »
    hip internal rotation, which is that one thing I *know* I don't have, and whenever I work on it always seems to release a little more of that lower back, so perhaps that may be what you're missing?

    well, uh . . . yeah, probably not :tongue: even with the shape things were in last saturday, mr physio was able to lay me flat on his table and then take that foot and turn it at right angles without my knee even thinking about needing to come off the 'ground'. internal rotation i got.
    Upon request, I can take pictures of all the pages, if that can help! I need to get back into that book, myself.

    thanks for the offer. i honestly don't think any more stretching would be good for me. if anything i'm probably a hypermobility case. and if 'smashing' it worked . . . well, it would have been over before it began.
    Lately my best mobility/recovery work I have done has been to take extra days off.

    yeah, feels like i've been in that mode too for a few months. lift once a week, spend the week slowly recovering, lift again . . . you would think i was playing football or something.
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    brief bike-riding thing to a Thing, and then cautious my-hip-is-sick lifting on my way home.

    i did 10x5 overhead press with the bar. press has REALLY gotten away from me as far as the weight factor goes. sad to say this but i was into about the fourth set before the bar started to feel a little less heavy to me.

    i might have worked out a little hack that engages those deep rotators right at the top of my squat, and if i keep them dialled in the whole way it seems to help. not that anyone cares, but i'm theorizing that what i've been experiencing might have been caused by a too-lax joint capsule, and/or not enough mojo in those deep rotators. i have been complaining all along htat it felt like something was getting pinched, or like something was close to tearing and such-all like that. so what i think is that the femoral leverages involved in squatting were being handled wrongly (by me), and [ . . . yeah, at this point i perfectly understand what i'm trying to say but lack the interest to figure out how to get the thing said. let's just say i did squat, although with low weight. and i'll just hve to wait around for a day and see how it feels tomorrow.
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    W3D1 of the UBB Construct phase (2nd run through). Stuff is starting to feel heavier, but in a good way!

    Power Snatch doubles EMOTM x6 @ 80lbs

    Back squat 132.5x5, 140x3x3, 150x3
    superset with ring dips submax strict then kipping (but with band assistance it's rather hard to kip xD it was a lil awkward) somewhere between 5-7 reps strict then 2-3 reps "kipping"

    3 rounds for time
    - 270 single unders
    - 10 lunge jumps/leg (replacing 10 box jump overs)
    - 9 squat clean thrusters @ 65

    You,d think my legs would've given me the most trouble here, but the upper body part of the thruster was actually the toughest. I finished in 14:30 or so, and that's with my jump rope coming apart in the middle of the first round and having to hunt down the screw and put it back on, lol.

    Loved the sweat i got. Was feeling decent afterwards so I went and played basketball for 20 mins. It's almost 2PM and I have not had anything to eat yet O.o. Yeah, starting to feel hungry, but Ima shower first!
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    Oh my goodness... so boyfriend and I decided to drink last night, for the first time in a month and a half. Needless to say, the hangover gods were very vengeful today.... and I had trainer day.... that I thought VERY STRONGLY about cancelling. Like clear up till I walked out the door texting to cancel was on my mind. Soooo, given that, today went amazingly well. Because hangover plus leg day just really sounded like a spectacularly bad combination. I mostly went because I was hoping if I made the day that much suckier, I might still be able to learn not to do it again.

    We are fixing what seems like smaller issues than we have been. So, apparently the form corrections we have previously addressed are more or less staying corrected. And... we finished the barbell squat portion with 1x5 @105 .... so up 10lbs!!! On a day that I had done everything you aren't supposed to do in preparation.

    Trainer guy also asked if I had ever thought about competing (powerlifting) .... and suggested I do think about it... and mentioned a December competition. I think I should take that as a compliment??
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    hanlonsk wrote: »
    I think I should take that as a compliment??

    i sure would. it seems like you're learning really fast and making great use of whatever you learn.

    are you going to do it?
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    hanlonsk wrote: »
    I think I should take that as a compliment??

    i sure would. it seems like you're learning really fast and making great use of whatever you learn.

    are you going to do it?

    I don't know. I have more research to do for sure. Although, it was so far from my brain's consciousness... I don't even legitimately know what I should be looking into before considering the question. It always worries me when I'm sooo far out of my knowledge base that I don't even know what questions I should be asking.
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    hanlonsk wrote: »
    hanlonsk wrote: »
    I think I should take that as a compliment??

    i sure would. it seems like you're learning really fast and making great use of whatever you learn.

    are you going to do it?

    I don't know. I have more research to do for sure. Although, it was so far from my brain's consciousness... I don't even legitimately know what I should be looking into before considering the question. It always worries me when I'm sooo far out of my knowledge base that I don't even know what questions I should be asking.

    I'd say do it. Most federations will allow you to "compete" for your first time for a nominal fee and without a singlet (at least here they do). You just gotta show up with shorts on so they know you're not wearing anything to supprt/aid you underneath. Depending on your weight class/age/the popularity of the sport where you are among females, there's even a chance you could place within the top 3 just for showing up, even if you don't actually hit the numbers to qualify for nationals or whatever. It gives you something to shoot for, and a great environment to hit PRs and just overall make you feel proud about yourself.

    And if the coach has mentioned it to you, there's also a chance he might know a thing or two about the meets in your area. But otherwise, just type "powerlifting [your area]" into google. There's more info about it out there than you,d think :)
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    Whew! I am pretty much spent at this point. Super sore from yesterday (I added a walk/easy hike of an hour and a half in the afternoon), but still wanted to get this in today!

    Clean pulls
    95x5, 105x2x5, 115x5

    i'm getting my groove back on these, which makes me happy :)

    OHP 72.5x5, 77.5x3, 80x3, 82.5x3
    superset with submax strict pull-ups, band assisted 7/6/6/7

    And a 12 min AMRAP of
    1 Power clean @ 100lbs
    2 hanging knee raises
    3 burpee over bar
    4 bw squats

    I got in 11 rounds and 3 burpees, as opposed to 11 rounds and 1 burpee with 95lbs on the bar the last time around. So, some more progress here! =D (and fyi, I finished the last 4 bw squats, too. 12 rounds. I like evening things out)

    If the nice weather holds up and I don't get blinded by the solar eclipse, I might go out for a run this afternoon, too. Just get the legs completely drained before my rest day, y'know? xD Haha. But first, shower. Then I'll try to clear myself of the side job because ugh. And then chores. And ugh, am I not supposed to be on vacation yet?
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    I may be in and out of posting for a bit. I'm getting to the gym and doing my lifts, but life outside the gym is a bit much at the moment and keeping up with threads on here may fall by the wayside til they settle. My doc has given me a referral for thyroid testing, so I'll be able to check that out soon. I'm going to ask about Hashimoto's as well, since I've only ever been diagnosed with "generic" hypothyroid.

    Walked to/from the gym today.
    Squats 3/3/3+ (6) @ 115/130/140
    Deadlifts/Romanian DL (supersets) 6/6/6/6/6/6 @ 115
    Front squats 8/8/8 @ 65
    Planks for 30 sec, 2x
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    cautiously hopeful today, because i'm suspecting the ergonomics of one of my two work sites of causing a lot of this stuff. definitely of not helping it, but i rode there today and got through a whole day without being [much] distracted by the bum pain. it seems to be all about some stupidly subtle little alteration to the way that hip sits in the socket . . . so subtle and stupid that even though my brain wasn't fuzzed up with pain, i still only felt like i had about 75% mental bandwidth because the other 25% was busy policing that hip.

    anyway. i rode to work, rode home and took a chance on testing out this idea with some deadlifts as well. i'm back to '135 feeling heavy' again, but i can't pretend that i'm too surprised. i kept it there just to make sure i didn't add that extra 5 pounds too many that would spoil the Hip Thing, and i just kind of settled in and did singles.

    a lot of singles. it was sort of a nice workout actually. no expectations or numbers, just me taking my time and doing the how-does-this-feel thing over and over and over and over again. i counted myself up to 25ish, and then quit counting but kept doing it. stopped when it felt like i was starting to lose that control sensation, and now i guess it's a matter of waiting to see what the side-effects are.

    i do think piriformis stretching is helping a lot. b ut it's damned tricky, because it's like i have to isolate that one single muscle from among all six of them AND the glute med and the glute minimus AND the general all-come-together tendon clump too . . . and stretch only that one without compromising any of this other stuff, which is all sitting on the mild-injury bench and needs to be not stretched at all.

    keeping me off the streets at least, i suppose.
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    August Weightlifting
    Goal: 12 times (3 times/week)
    Done: 5/12

    SL A

    Squat 5×5 29.5 kg (65 lbs)
    Bench press 24.5 kg 5x5 (54 lbs)
    Barbell rows 32.5 kg 5x5 (71.6 lbs)
    Pull down 3×10 15 kg
    Pull in Seated 3×10 15 kg
    Dumbbell side raise 3×10 2.5 kg
    Triceps extension 2×10 5 kg
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    Well... trainer days updates

    Bench stuffs. Still at 95lbs... but he went for volume 2x10@45, 1x10@55, 1x10@65, 1x10@75, 1x10@85.... and his goal was 1x10@95... but we only got to 6 or 7 before I needed help

    OHP - we used what he called an axle bar... thicker... but lighter? And I don't know how much lighter. If it had been a normal bar, it would have been 1x10@45 and 4x10@65.... which would have been totally amazing... even if it is a 35lb bar- it is still pretty awesome... as I think 45, maybe 50 lbs is the most I've ever done for 10 rep let alone 4x10

    Cable crunches, I think I surprised the both of us when I hit the bottom of their 150 lb stack

    Today, deadlifts - we made it to 145lbs... apparently my grip is looking questionable by the end of 5 reps, he threatened to bring out chalk

    Also 4 (maybe 5?? We failed at counting and erred on the side of more work)... but 4x12 of pull-ups assisted with the big purple band, whatever level of assistance that is??

    In other news... I realized I have no idea where any of you awesome ladies are located. I will be visiting various family members across the state of Oregon the next two weeks... and my original plan had been to run... because it's easy.... but since that is still off the table anyone in Oregon?? And if so, do ya know of any gyms in the Portland, Redmond, Newport, bend, prineville areas???
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    edited August 2017
    i don't have any lifting to report so i'm just giong to use this as the repository for my nitpicky obsession with the hip thing.

    today was a ride to work day. i've pretty much ridden constantly all throughout this, with the exception of that one week back when i first got the 90-pound squats. but even though i've been riding, i have been paying for it all the time in between. so i'm using the measure of aftermath as my guideline, and since this is the third day since those deadlifts and the second bike ride, i feel like i'm on the right part of at least this particular track. there may be additional stuff waiting for me once i get this out of the way, but i'm taking it one daily-evil at a time atm.

    my mental trick is hard to describe but i think it actually worked. i used to ride 'from' that big bump at the outside top of my leg - the trochanter. when i was visualising that as the anchor spot for my muscles to move my whole leg, i'd get hurt. now i've moved the visualization inwards and deeper, actually right into the hip joint itself. and i'm riding 'from' the back wall of the joint, at least that's how i express all of this to myself.

    it seems to be working. i mean, hells yeah my bum is sore, but doing this seems to be bypassing the stretch and strain that was making everything around my trochanter feel so tattered and frayed. not to mention putting so much irritation into my sciatic nerve. it's kind of too soon still to really stress this mechanic, so i'm still just treating every second of every ride as an opportunity to self-physio. but i did notice that even though those muscles were pretty startled by all the work, there were several little moments and movements where i've gotten conditioned to expect a small jolt of the 'bad' pain. and that didn't happen. i do feel like doing this made my hip a lot more robust.

    so. i'm thinking, tomorrow is another bike day and i'll do my best to stick to this plan. give everything that suddenly has to work to this new programme a week to get adjusted, and then take a look at what next week feels like.

    i was also so distracted aka hyperfocused on 'back of the hip' that i left my helmet at home this morning and dind't even realise it until it aws time to go home and i was going wait, what? O_O

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    gym day. i'm still on the 'you're injured, just do freeform' list so i'm sad. seems like i spent most of it telling other people how to deadlift since i'm not super-able to do it myself :tongue:

    i did deadlift, though. just freeform and taking my time in between being a know-it-all about how to not shoot your hips and not sit-slide the bar down your thighs on the eccentric part. went to 135 and then a few extra reps past that at 145, and then i did my 3x5 rows.

    i feel like i'm spinning my wheels but i also feel like i'm doing the right thing so it's emotionally confusing. ain't like i want to try and DO 170-pound deadlifts right now. i just want to still be able to. it's (un)funny how lifting gives me whole life so much shape, so now that i don't have a hard-enough workout to sort of configure the rest of my day around i find that i feel kind of lost.
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    Oh... looks like Thursday's workout took so much out of me I never reported it!

    Snatch balance + OH squat x3 each, 4 sets (85, 90, 92.5, 95lbs I believe?)

    Front Squats superset with 12' depth broad jumps x4 every set
    112.5x5, 117.5x3, 120x3, 125x3

    10, 9, 8, 7..., 2, 1
    - sumo deadlift @160lbs
    - barbell push press (from floor) @ 67.5
    - barbell overhead squat (from floor as well) @67.5

    Took me exactly the same time as the last time I did this one, with 5lbs less on deadlifts and 2.5 less on the press and squat, and with less weight on the stuff before. So that's technically progress. although the sumo deads still didn't feel right and my lower back has still not quite recovered 100% from them :/ I just can't seem to get tight and pull the slack on the bar in the sumo position, so I always have to yank a bit on my lower back to get the first rep off the floor. My HR monitor tracked the whole workout (including warm-up) as an 891 calorie burn. Yikes!

    I ran a sluggish but none-too-demanding 400/200/400/200/400m yesterday + some mobility work outside.

    Today was a little less intense, but not by that much, and legs were still feeling it:

    Power clean triples, EMOTM x6 @ 100lbs
    Actually failed the 3rd rep on the last minute, but regrouped and did another one within the last minute so I won,t count this as a failure.

    Push jerk 90x5, 95x3, 100x3, 102.5x3
    superset with (split stance because lower back is a whiny baby today) DB rows 35x10, 35x10, 40x6, 40x8 (I woulda gone to 42.5 or 45 here if the DBs of that weight had been nearby, but they were not, so meh, extra reps, whatever).

    And then 5, 4, 3, 2 10m sled push to and from loaded with 45lbs
    10, 15, 20, 25 recline rows.

    Last time around I had to drop to 25lbs of a load after 7 repeats, kept the weight the same this time. Also finished in 18:30, whereas my last go at this I had 18 of the last 25 rows done. So wow. Much progress! =D (or I actually allowed myself to rest between most of the sled lengths which means I never actually went totally to failure, which means it was easier to recover and get back at it., but shh)

    Happy with my progress here, but I've been dragging my feet getting to the gym even though I've wanted to exercise a lot lately. I'm due for a deload. One more week and then I'll take it easy for a bit before moving on to the next phase.
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    Did a quick workout today just deadlifts and OHP because I knew I was on track to complete my sets...and I went on a hike afterwards which should have been no problem until we accidentally climbed a mountain! Well, only half the ascent was an accident...that's when we realized that the trail we picked went over the summit and just kinda committed to it. Don't think I'm going to be able to walk tomorrow.

    Deadlift - 195lbs x5. Now I can put 200lbs on the bar next time and hopefully get 2 or 3 reps!

    OHP - 72lbs x3, 65lbs 2x3. So excited about this...this is the most I've ever pressed, and while it will still be slow, I'm really feeling like 75lbs is pretty close!

    Didn't squat...I'm just feeling like every squat session I'm bumping up around my 1RM, and it's tiring and discouraging.

    I'm planning on switching up my programming. Was looking at madcow, but I really don't want to squat 3x/week anymore, and since I have a push/pull meet in January, i'd like to deadlift twice a week. Trying to figure out if there's a way to modify it so that I'm squatting, benching, and deadlifting twice a week across 3 workouts.
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    klrenn wrote: »

    I'm planning on switching up my programming. Was looking at madcow, but I really don't want to squat 3x/week anymore, and since I have a push/pull meet in January, i'd like to deadlift twice a week. Trying to figure out if there's a way to modify it so that I'm squatting, benching, and deadlifting twice a week across 3 workouts.

    There are plenty of other free strength-based programs out there, depending on how many time a week you can workout. 4 days a week you have PHUL and the Candito linear program that are decent option. I think Jason Blaha has other decent ones aside from his ice cream fitness 5x5.

    There's always 5/3/1 that can be modified to fit your goals and number of days a week pretty much at will (I have run it as a full body, 3 days a week program before, with decent results IMO.)

    In your case I'd easily see it as a template sort of like this:

    Day 1
    Squat 5/3/1
    Sumo deadlift 4x[8-10]
    Db Incline Press 3x12

    Day 2
    Bench 5/3/1
    Rows (any variation of horizontal pulling) 4x[8-10]
    Lunges or step-ups, or... *gulp* bulgarian split squats (1-legged variations, basically)

    Day 3
    Deadlift 5/3/1
    OHP 5/3/1 (these can easily even be run as a superset easily, if you're short on time, considering resting for deadlifts tends to be longer than OHP anyway)
    Front squats 4x[6-8] (if you're feeling it. You're already hitting the lower body here, so I wouldn't see those as mandatory)
    Pull-ups (or any vertical pulling) 3x12

    And in the 2-3 weeks before your meet, you drop all the accessory stuff, and only do the deadlift variation you'd be using, and switch OHP for a lighter, explosive Bench day. Making sure the last week has you training far, far from failure.

    I guess I'm just a bit biased because I really like the customization possibilities with 5/3/1. Haha.
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    yeah, I should shop around a bit more before I decide...the Candito looks really interesting.
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    Yes, I am back again after another break.
    I really want to stick with it this time.
    I decided that the issue was that while I was trying to "ease" in by doing just vanilla SL 5x5, I found it a little dull, so I lost motivation. So I am back to doing ICF.

    Squat - 3x5 at 65 lbs
    Negative pullups - 2x5
    Bench - 3x5 at 55
    Row - 3x5 at 55
    Shrug - 3x8 at 55
    Skullcrushers - 3x8 at 20
    Barbell Curls - 3x8 at 20
    Good mornings - 3x10 at 55
    Hanging leg raises - 2x10

    Thurs: (Didn't increase weight due to massive DOMS from Tues)
    Squat - 3x5 at 65
    Negative pull ups - 3x5
    OHP - 3x5 at 45
    DL - 1x5 at 115
    Light rows - 3x5 at 50
    Close grip BP - 3x8 at 45
    Curls - 3x8 at 20
    Hanging leg raises - 2x10