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Recovering from a binge



  • faidwen
    faidwen Posts: 131 Member
    Unless you do it day in and day out for an extended period of time, there really is NOTHING to worry about.

    Weight isn't gained overnight, nor is it lost overnight. It is a long, slow process. (*well water weight isn't, but we ALL know that is temporary*)

    SSOOOOOOooOOOoOOoooo don't sweat it. Log it, or don't, and just pick up where you left off the next day.

    NEVER, EVER, beat yourself up over it. Life is too precious!! ENJOY as much of it as you CAN!
  • MegaMooseEsq
    MegaMooseEsq Posts: 3,118 Member
    Rashawnab wrote: »
    Rashawnab wrote: »
    First - realize that 900 calories is not a binge, it's the equivalent of a dinner.

    Then I would investigate what made you eat unplanned. Are you undereating? Have you set a too aggressive weight loss goal? Or do you have an appropriate goal, but eating below that? Are you getting in an appropriate amount of calories, but eating unbalanced? Are you eating enough and balanced, but not varied enough? Are you eating enough, balanced, varied, but depriving yourself of your favorites? Are you eating enough, balanced, varied, and not depriving yourself, but thinking that you are depriving yourself or should deprive yourself?

    Are you eating in order to try to ease emotions? Do you fear eating for pleasure?

    Im not sure. I lost 48 lbs over the course of a few years but this year I gained back around 10 and I'm trying to lose it again. I weigh 124ish right now and want to be 115. I'm 5 ft 2 and I was aiming for 1200 a day but kept eating over to around 1300ish so I changed my goal to 1300. Im suffering because I have such bad food cravings and I feel deprived and hungry I suppose lol.. I know if I was working out more, I could eat more but I work a full time job and working out WIPES me out like to where I feel sick. Excuses, excuses I know

    I think you might need to look at the big picture here. 124 is a perfectly healthy weight. You're miserable right now trying to lose those ten pounds. But why do you need to lose those ten pounds? Do you really, truly think you can keep up what you're doing for the rest of your life? Because as soon as you slip, which happened once already, you will gain those ten pounds back. What are you sacrificing in your life by being deprived and wiped out in order to get those last ten pounds? Is it really worth it? If you don't like how you look, maybe investigate recomp programs instead of torturing yourself over a number on a scale.

    What are recomp programs?

    The idea is to focus on building muscle while losing fat - you don't lose weight necessarily and might gain, but its muscle, not fat. I bet if you ask in the maintenance forum you'll get some good advice, but here's the basics:
  • MarcA1218
    MarcA1218 Posts: 570 Member
    All I will say is forgive yourself- some people have a cheat day every week- some people believe that helps speed the metabolism- and others best themselves up about it and then one day becomes two and so on until they take a second to reflect and then start again. Here is one of my favorite TV quotes- I think it says it all.