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  • bigmamabirdbigmamabird Member Posts: 55 Member Member Posts: 55 Member
    The rice mix would probably fill you up and keep you full longer than the fries. You'd probably also have enough from a bag of rice and a can of sauce to do another helping. So if you're looking purely at a cost effective measure to fill you up, I'd go with the rice.
  • Tried30UserNamesTried30UserNames Member Posts: 561 Member Member Posts: 561 Member
    I'm not an enormous fan of french fries and on occasions I eat them, I prefer to avoid BK or McD fries because they make me smell like a fast food restaurant is living in my pores for the next week, so I wouldn't choose the fries.

    I don't love rice, but it's okay. I do love tomatoes, even canned ones, but I don't think I could choke them down if you mixed them with rice. That's just not a combination I'm in love with. Maybe add some beans or lentils and that combination sounds much more appealing, perhaps with some hot spices. I love butter. It's probably my favorite thing. But why would you mix it with tomatoes?

    I guess I'd have buttered rice and then maybe puree the tomatoes with some herbs to make a tomato soup (I think there may be such a thing as tomato rice soup, but that sounds repulsive to me). So I choose the second option.

    If it's a budgetary concern, what do french fries cost? About a dollar? Tomatoes are about a dollar a can, too, with rice being just a few cents and butter a little more. I think for a dollar a meal or even a dollar a day, I could find something more appealing than either choice.
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