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Knee surgery

maryg53maryg53 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
I just had knee surgery any suggestions on how not to get bored


  • megpie41megpie41 Posts: 159Member Member Posts: 159Member Member
    I had hip arthroscopy last year...PT took a lot of time. I also read books (some nutrition books actually). I also got outside as much as possible, even if it was to sit outside and get some air/sun or crutch down the block.
  • AnvilHeadAnvilHead Posts: 16,187Member Member Posts: 16,187Member Member
    Maybe post some Debate topics in the Debate forum?
  • Heather4448Heather4448 Posts: 907Member Member Posts: 907Member Member
    You could calculate the air speed of an unladen swallow.
  • jennybearlvjennybearlv Posts: 1,519Member Member Posts: 1,519Member Member
    When I'm stuck in a waiting room or on an airplane I do activity books and color. There are adult versions. Reading a funny book is a good way to pass the time. You could learn to knit. Sorry I'm no help specific to knee surgery, but you are welcome to debate me on the topic.
  • Gallowmere1984Gallowmere1984 Posts: 6,613Member Member Posts: 6,613Member Member
    You could calculate the air speed of an unladen swallow.

    African or European?
  • richardgavelrichardgavel Posts: 818Member Member Posts: 818Member Member
    You could calculate the air speed of an unladen swallow.

    Or determine how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop.
  • MegaTunez11MegaTunez11 Posts: 164Member Member Posts: 164Member Member
    mary g.. Binge watch game of thrones from the beginning.
  • PAGingerPAGinger Posts: 118Member Member Posts: 118Member Member

    These helped me stay active after having two knee surgeries in 2015. There are similar videos on YouTube
  • sarjenkisarjenki Posts: 435Member Member Posts: 435Member Member
    Depends on what your restrictions are. I did a lot of scenic walking after ACL surgery
  • MostlyWaterMostlyWater Posts: 3,743Member Member Posts: 3,743Member Member
    I ripped some ligaments last year and was rehabilitating for months. I was very busy feeling sorry for myself.
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