What is your 'I'm not measuring that'/'free food'?



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    DX2JX2 wrote: »

    Ginger and garlic won't add up to anything significant unless you're eating amounts that would probably kill most mortals.

    Or vampires?
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    Coffee creamer! It is my one guilty pleasure, and it's not daily.

    I'm going to be honest, I do this too.

    But only if it's the ONE type of creamer I use, on a weekday.

    "Extras" like Starbucks runs, are always logged.

    This isn't the best, but it's the same amount every single day.
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    DX2JX2 wrote: »
    I don't log spices, black coffee, or tea, and I usually forget to log ginger and garlic. Which can add up!

    Ginger and garlic won't add up to anything significant unless you're eating amounts that would probably kill most mortals.

    Aloo gobi uses about half a cup of ginger garlic paste! A lot of Indian food uses significant enough amounts of spices that the calories should really be counted.
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    I log everything but there's a lot of stuff that I don't bother to weigh out on my scale. Veggies, frozen burger patties, microwaveable meals. I log them all from either eyeballing (veggies) or based on the packaging for packaged stuff.

    For me, that's what I use my exercise calories for, taking care of the potential fluctuations in things that I don't bother weighing out.
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    Herbs and spices, but if they contain a lot of sodium, such as garlic salt, I log it. This way I know if I went way over in sodium and notice I'm retaining water.
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    Herbs and spices, except for mustard and curry powder, those 2 have quite a few calories. I have a spinach/rocket salad mix regularly, i just log 50g every time i have it, i don't weigh it anymore. I don't log pickles and mustard, both of which i don't eat often anyway.

    I weigh and log low cal veggies, because i like my macros/micros, especially fibre to be accurate.
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    Gummies vitamins & dill pickles
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    Herbs and spices except curry powder, that one can be 50 cals easy for a couple spoonfuls. Sugar free gum, Truvia sweetener, "zero cal" stuff in general. The one thing that truly has cals that I won't bother with is my cup of afternoon tea with tea and two sugars. It's not very often but I feel like it's my right as an English person.
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    I count everything but things like dried spices or hot sauce, etc. I don't measure or weigh. I just approximate. usually just do a quick-add of 5-10 calories.
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    I don't log coffee, diet soda, hot sauce, jalapeños, regular mustard, white vinegar, and gum (which I rarely have).

    I do log ginger and garlic because those add up when adding to a recipe. Other dried spices I don't bother.

    I try not to take bites or tastes of things because they are hard to track, but I've been known to snag a few French fries from my kids and I don't log them. Since it's only about once a month I'm not too worried.
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    miratps wrote: »
    So by this I mean what food item (not drinks) that you do not either weigh or count towards your calorie total?

    I tend to count everything but I over time have stopped counting/weighing things like spinach, tomatoes etc.

    If it goes in my mouth I count it in my log. You have tomatoes in that list, but I eat tomatoes often and include them every time.
  • Herbs & spices. Diet drinks. X
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    If I forget leafy greens, I'm not to concerned about it. For everything else, I will even overestimate because I prefer to error on the side of caution. The over estimate can catch any mistakes I make in logging.
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    Over time i realized it starts to drive me crazy to count things like vitamins, cucumbers, or spices. Spinach as well, when you look at it these things are like 15-30 calories and it isn't the end of the world.
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    Only seasonings. Everything else, from my vitamins to gum to individual pieces of cereal (I like dry cereal), is logged.
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    Spices. That's it
  • Confuzzled4ever
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    Also I don't measure hot sauce and garlic..I just guess on that... And sometimes I do that with spinach to
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    After peaking into some food diaries, I notice that a lot of people even log their vitamins/supplements. Thoughts on this? I can see doing it if you consume all your vitamins in gummy form. :wink: I've never logged my supplements, though I do take enough pills every day to choke a horse.

    I log mine because I have a lot of kids and I forget if I took them or not.

    I can't even blame it on kids. I just forget so I log them.
  • pickles, black coffee, spices/mustard
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    I don't measure my TB of half and half in my coffee, but I eyeball it and log it.