Worst "green drink" you have ever tried?



  • patrick_star_trek
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    vespiquenn wrote: »
    vespiquenn wrote: »

    Hey now, with the proper liquor, Shamrock shakes are amazing.

    Are you gonna tell me it's Bailey's?

    Only if it's out of a shoe.

    Good. What's your poison, then?
  • Tweaking_Time
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    St. Patricks Day - green "Billy Beer"


    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little - again
  • Renaissance_Turtle
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    You've not truly lived until you've choked down a huge gulp of nearly lime green pond water from a stock pond on a farm that was in full algae bloom mode whilst swimming. The vomit comet that comes out both ends later is a thing to not be trifled with...
  • seltzermint555
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    I'm not into healthy smoothies/juicing at ALL (just does not appeal to me), but I don't mind the occasional fruit smoothie, just like, blending up a bit of almond milk, ice & fruit...the most adventurous I got was adding spirulina powder. OH heck no. Never again. Just a little bit of it ruined a perfectly good banana-blueberry beverage.
  • jruch23
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    Made a smoothie with protein and kale and some other ingredients. It was so bad I had to pour it out. I tried so hard to drink it but I could taste tiny chunks of the kale. I'm not sure how some people drink kale smoothies.