How much have you lost in 3 months?



  • acfisher88
    acfisher88 Posts: 58 Member
    25lbs since starting at the beginning of July, so about 3 months. Coming from a SW of 236
  • acfisher88
    acfisher88 Posts: 58 Member
    This is so inspiring....slow and steady which means healthy. I want to ask ALL of you - was this by eating a normal diet (i.e. containing carbs) or was this doing NO or Low carb?

    Not specifically low carb, I just changed how I sourced my carbs - a portion of fruit at breakfast and at least 2 portions of veg with lunch and dinner. I only eat more complex starchy carbs (like rice or pasta) if I've done a workout earlier in the day. Carbs still make up 40-50% of my daily intake
  • rbiss
    rbiss Posts: 422 Member
    26 pounds but I am not tracking right now and I think I am gaining :( I'm going back to tracking next week, I needed a little break.
  • ashlava71
    ashlava71 Posts: 14 Member
    Started three months ago tomorrow. Down 46 lbs.
    CILLAJ8 Posts: 99 Member
    Started August 6th and I'm down 27 pounds.
  • smh_cliff
    smh_cliff Posts: 146 Member
    18lb since August 15th. Not the fastest but im happy considering my birthday and a holiday are included in that!
  • donthegeek
    donthegeek Posts: 58 Member
    Starting Sept. 1st (not quite 90 days), I've lost 30lbs as of this morning. Only 86 more pounds to go <sigh>
    5'10" and I'm keeping my carbs to 50 +=5 per meal and trying to workout more.
  • the last 3 months.....not a single pound. Painful. BUT the first three months I lost at least a pound a week, up until the 50 pound is slowed considerably since then.
  • sdolan91
    sdolan91 Posts: 250 Member
    88 day streak, 21 lbs down
  • aeloine
    aeloine Posts: 2,163 Member
    16.2 lbs
  • lesbarkhouse
    lesbarkhouse Posts: 29 Member
    first 3 months = 25lbs
    next 3 months (as of today) = 47lbs. 1.8 lbs per week average.
    ... just IIFYM and hard work at the gym along with my trusted online trainer.

    5-10 more lbs to go before I hit my life insurance broker up again, so i can afford the crazy premiums. 50lbs ago I could not continue to afford my coverage.
  • Jancandoit7
    Jancandoit7 Posts: 350 Member
    17 pounds in 3 months
  • kiracookie
    kiracookie Posts: 50 Member
    I had an all inclusive holiday in the summer tho and gained 6lb but lost that again.
    I keep plateauing :(
  • nickbullett
    nickbullett Posts: 44 Member
    57 in the last 90 days. :)
  • sgtx81
    sgtx81 Posts: 466 Member
    Around 65 or 70 pounds since August doing the keto thing.
  • rcreynol3090
    rcreynol3090 Posts: 174 Member
    45 pounds since July 23, the day after I got home from the heart hospital after bypass surgery. Another 25# to go!
  • bee_bee8
    bee_bee8 Posts: 96 Member
    First 3 months (1/2017-3/2017): Lost 25 lbs
    Last 3 months: Lost a total of .5 lbs lol

    I'm in the home stretch (only 10 lbs to go) so it's gotten really hard to lose. I keep losing and gaining the same 5 lbs and it sure is getting old :D