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Soph's Accountability Journal - Over 100lb to shift

soph_mfpsoph_mfp Posts: 7Member, Premium Member Posts: 7Member, Premium Member
Hi everyone,

I'm new to the FP community, despite having used MFP for years on and off.

I was previously successful with MFP and a few years back had a streak of around 140 days, and lost 52lb. After a bit of a test & learn approach toward the start with calorie intake and macros etc, I finally 'cracked' it.

I'm a single 23yo working professional, also working toward a prof. qualification (and hence have periods of intense studying)... I've always been overweight. I've always worried about my weight too; I can actually remember being stood in a mirror at 4yo thinking how big my stomach was!

When I lost the 52lb, I was 18/19, and I used MFP religiously to track every oz/ml that I consumed; I also used a thread like this on a popular (at the time) weight loss forum. I re-read that thread recently (all 15+ pages of it) and it really reminded me of everything that I already knew, but continuously forget:
  • I, and only I, control everything I put in my mouth.
  • Take one day at a time.

My aim is to check in on here everyday, or as often as I can. I'll consider setting my diary to public too. I would really appreciate any support, and welcome suggestions and hints & tips, and hopefully I can provide the same for others along the way too!

Height: 5'9
Starting Weight: 21st3lb (using the Fitbit Aria scales)
Starting % Body Fat: 50.3%
Starting BMI: 42.6
Starting Date: 29/08/2017
Activity Level: Set as sedentary (desk work), but I use a Fitbit Alta HR
Calories per day: 1700 Plus 50% of exercise calories on gym days

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  • soph_mfpsoph_mfp Posts: 7Member, Premium Member Posts: 7Member, Premium Member
    I just wanted to copy in my posts from the last 3 days, to ensure consistency:

    Day 1 - 29/08/2017
    Sat at my desk at work, just re-reading old posts from my own blog!!! It's crazy how motivating it is.
    B - Americano (15cals) & medium Banana (105 cals)

    Out tonight for Pina Coladas with some pals from work. Will calorie count them so will go light on food today!


    It's 10pm and I'm back from cocktails, and the first day is complete (100% on track):

    L - Subway Tikka Salad (141 cals), Sweet Onion Dressing (40 cals), Popcorn (137 cals), Banana (105 cals)

    D - Subway Tikka Salad (141 cals), Sweet onion dressing (40 cals)

    S - 3 Pina Coladas (735 cals), Moscow Mule (122 cals), Banana (105 Cals)

    You'll notice loadsa repetition in what I eat, wasn't meant to have two subway salads but had more cocktails than anticipated so grabbed one on the way home as such low cal! Also, wouldn't recommend anyone to eat 3 bananas in a day (pure carbicide) but I had some that needed to be eaten and they genuinely fill me :/

    Great first day, crazy that a past me has motivated current me? I AM WORTHY. I can do this! I and only I am responsible for the food that goes in my mouth!!!!!

    Day 2 - 30/08/2017

    Sat at my desk (noticing a trend here)... So proud of myself for yesterday. I know it sounds silly but having gone years of eating badly and bingeing every day, simply one day on plan makes all the difference.

    Forgot my Fitbit today (left it on charge) - D'oh!! Hate it when I do that.

    B - 40g Oat & Wheatbran Porridge made with water (150cals) & Americano (15 cals).

    L - M&S Balanced for You meal, Chicken & Cauliflower Rice (307 cals), Fanta Zero (10 cals).

    D - Crunchy Salad bowl (64 cals), New York Pulled Pork (256 cals).

    S - Cold brew (5 cals), Pear (57 cals) French fries (93 cals) Muscat Grapes (71 cals) Mango (99 cals), cup soup (89 cals)

    Total: 1206- unintentionally light today? But done soo few steps as largely at my desk all day!!

    Studied with a friend after work tonight, so was in the office from 9am-8pm, but it keeps me distracted from food. I'm already so proud of myself for some of the choices I've made that show what a different mindset I'm in... every time I get a pang of doubt I read my old diary on here!!

    Popped into Tesco after studying and got some Oats so Simple (oats this morning were bland!!), Bananas, Raspberries, Ham, coffee and ss milk. I also got the salad bowl and pork I had for dinner - suuuuuch a nice meal for the 330 cals! Might go attack the mango I've got out in the kitchen for dessert :smiley:

    Day 3 - 31/08/2017

    Soooo tired (sat at my desk...)

    B - Americano (2 cals), Oats so simple (230), raspberries (32)

    L - Boots Triple SW (493), Watermelon (35), Vithit Water (35)

    Off out to Wagamamas and ice hockey tonight with my team. Wagas is so easy... green tea and chicken ramen (476 cals), will avoid the blue slushies at ice hockey and get a Diet Coke? Might even take a bottle with me and save money (look at me go!!).

    Looking forward to the weekend so I can get a few workouts in.

    10pm now and I've just got back from ice hockey etc. We didn't go to Wagas as wouldn't have enough time to get to the other side of town. We went to Yo!Sushi which was just as good because the calories are all on the menu and you have sparkling water on tap on your table ;)

    D - Edamame bean salad (121), Hoisin Duck Steamed Bun (226), Miso Dumpling Ramen (346)

    Despite being asked multiple times if I wanted a beer, I resisted and had the bottle of coke that I got out the vending machine at work and took with me! hurrah got in starvingggg so just had:

    S - Wafer thin ham (145) and baby plum tomatoes (16)

    Ending on a total of: 1666 cals.

    Day 3 of being 100% signed off; over and out.
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  • soph_mfpsoph_mfp Posts: 7Member, Premium Member Posts: 7Member, Premium Member
    Day 4 - 01/09/2017

    I've decided not to log my food on this journal due to the fact that I've set my profile to public now. Today has been the most difficult day, cravings since 5pm! I've stayed strong as I know it's PMS and exhaustion.

    I began the Bootea teatox today (something I also did previously); please don't do this teatox unless you look into it. Just drinking my evening tea now then I'll get some sleep.

    Tomorrow I'm going to go and view what will be my new local health club (I move next week); and then tomorrow evening I'm going to a friend's for TV night. His girlfriend is on SW, so I've already said I want to make good decisions.

    Any ideas on what I could pick up for a TV dinner that is also SW friendly but obviously easy to calorie count?

    Day 4 of 100% on track, over & out!
  • soph_mfpsoph_mfp Posts: 7Member, Premium Member Posts: 7Member, Premium Member
    Day 5 - 02/09/2017

    I'm really struggling today, both with motivation to move and to not eat.

    Gah, my post didn't post properly... I'll try again.

    I went to view my new health club and it's really nice! It has a pool outdoors as well as two indoor and the gym has stairmasters! Soo good. Despite it being fairly pricey and the fact I'm trying to save, I think I'm going to save up when I move in next week!

    Need some serious help tonight, really struggling...
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  • fiddletimefiddletime Posts: 1,834Member Member Posts: 1,834Member Member
    Lots of stuff there that I, unfortunately, don't have time to read. Keep it simple- calories in less than calories out. Get some friends and open your diary. I don't keep friends with closed diaries because I like to see what others eat and I pick up ideas that way. We're ALL on here to manage weight issues. Read a few boards every day. You'll see others in your same boat and it will make this (lifelong) journey more enjoyable and fun.
  • soph_mfpsoph_mfp Posts: 7Member, Premium Member Posts: 7Member, Premium Member
    Day 7 - 04/09/2017

    6 x 100% days complete and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon!

    Amazing how different I feel for losing 7lb!
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