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Over used sayings on MFP



  • nocookiestoday
    nocookiestoday Posts: 1,022 Member
    Anyone in here do ketos?

    :D jk.
  • TavistockToad
    TavistockToad Posts: 35,719 Member
    Lois_1989 wrote: »
    "Skinny fat"

    this. so many people on here are skinny fat, apparently....
  • MostlyWater
    MostlyWater Posts: 4,294 Member
    Don't get me started.
  • DebLaBounty
    DebLaBounty Posts: 1,169 Member
    Every time someone talks about their weight loss "journey" I roll my eyes. I am sure that's disrespectful of me, but it sounds so ridiculous to me.
  • crazykatlady820
    crazykatlady820 Posts: 301 Member
    WR50 wrote: »
    Journey- I hate that word

    Same. I understand why people use that word, but I still cringe when I read it. It sounds so cheesy to me.
  • middlehaitch
    middlehaitch Posts: 8,487 Member
    No gripe here.....

    @RaeBeeBaby is this like the 'do the Puyallup' Puyallup WA Fair commercial?
    If so I can say it even though I live across the border.
    Yes I did woo you for the fun of it.

    I am worrying about my own sanity as I am getting that I look forward to @Noel_57's little quips.
  • nutmegoreo
    nutmegoreo Posts: 15,532 Member
    RaeBeeBaby wrote: »
    Most of my "favorite" sayings have already been listed, but here's a few random MFP peeves:

    People who post on their newsfeed that they just ate a zillion calories at dinner, plus dessert but that's OK. They're not gonna beat themselves up about it. Tomorrow's another day. They'll start in the morning. Then repeat again and again and wonder why they're not making progress. <deletes said friend eventually>

    People with no avatar or profile pic unless it's your first day. Even though I'm not really a mermaid at least it says something about me.

    People who can't pronounce (or spell) Puyallup. ;)

    Friend requests from people with no message and 2,000 friends already. If I want that many friends I'll log into FB.

    The "woo" button. Thanks MFP for an easy way to be mean without saying a word. Go ahead and "woo" me. It won't hurt my feelings, much.

    I'm incredibly disappointed you aren't a mermaid. I'd be willing to woo you for that admission alone (but I won't).
  • Silkysausage
    Silkysausage Posts: 502 Member
    Lois_1989 wrote: »
    "Skinny fat"

    Oh dear...I may have dropped that one in today ;)
  • newheavensearth
    newheavensearth Posts: 870 Member
    I can't... You can't what?
    Cheat day. No need for it. Fit it in your regular day.
    Can't find motivation/ not motivated anymore
  • HellYeahItsKriss
    HellYeahItsKriss Posts: 906 Member
    All the words i would of picked are probably covered... except for maybe "Has this happened to anyone else"... on things that clearly would happen to others... like hunger on PMS week.. or something.

    Threads created followed with an excessive amount of caps or !!!! in them.



    or What diet to pick.... HELP!!!!!

    Or anything completely over dramatic for a title.