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Things that affect CICO



  • robertw486
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    Ainadan wrote: »
    Ok, so an assumption that I wanted to start out with is that calories-in, calories-out (CICO) is the only way to lose weight. This is not up for debate in this thread. However, I wanted to discuss things that may make a difference in either the CI side or the CO side and help an individual lose weight.

    For instance: More sleep leads to more energy which means you may workout or move around more, which increases in calories out.
    Or: If you eat healthier foods you are more satiated on fewer calories, so you eat less (fewer calories in.)

    What are some things that you think affect weightloss because they may affect CICO?
    Note, this doesn't mean that any of these things are universal, because again, CICO is what actually changes things, but I've noticed people have some things which help them achieve their calorie and activity goals.

    For me personally, I focus on (quality) sleep, stress levels, and activity levels. If those things are in line, I tend to be more mindful of what I eat, and eat those things that are more nutritious and keep me sated. I also tend to drink more fluids with higher activity levels, so that keeps the hunger down longer.

    As for the actual things I think (or know) can affect weightloss because they impact the energy balance equation.... well the list is huge. All the hormonal changes, dietary choices changes, activity levels and types, etc, etc all add up to fairly large variations human to human. Data shows that dietary variations alone can lead to changes of 15% + in various populations and regions. There is a reason the overall efficiency isn't a set point, but a range.

    slossia wrote: »
    Hey for all the women out their, I read that 30 minutes of sex burns 500 calories!

    Top or bottom?

    I would think for anyone aspiring to hit 1000 calories per hour that the variables involved might be much more like describing Olympic competition skating or snowboarding feats. A quadruple axle triple cork flip combination for warming up, then bring the intensity.
  • stanmann571
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    slossia wrote: »
    Hey for all the women out their, I read that 30 minutes of sex burns 500 calories!

    I can't burn 500 calories in an hour of cardio intervals, so yeah no.

    But there's all those unused muscle groups
  • Zodikosis
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    Behaviorally, I know for sure some antidepressants affect it. Normally, I don't have a sweet tooth, but rather a salty tooth -- I could live without ever having another cookie, but you can pry my french fries out of my cold, dead hands.

    Paxil in particular made me crave sugar like crazy. It was very bizarre to me. It also made me care so little about anything that I never told myself I shouldn't have ice cream for breakfast because who cares about my weight or my health or anything really? I gained 30 lbs in 2 months on this drug because of that.

    I take Wellbutrin now and don't have the same issue.
  • JMcGee2018
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    Hormones. Depending on my TMI, I can get exhausted just going about my day, meaning I move way less and burn fewer non-exercise calories. Also, stress can affect hunger levels. Some people stress eat (me) while others lose all appetite and lose weight during periods of high stress (not me).
  • carolyn000000
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    Technically, nothing affects CICO, but I get what you are saying. There are factors which might affect the rate calories are going out or how they are coming in. For me, too much sugar affects how many calories in because sugar makes me hungry and I consume more calories. Eating a lot of healthy fat reduces my appetite so therefore less calories in. More muscle affects calories out, but it still has to be balanced by calories in, although you can get away with a few more calories. But, muscle doesn't burn as many calories as some people think, nor does the post workout burn fitness experts talk about.