What's your cheesiest pick up line



  • beagletracks
    beagletracks Posts: 6,020 Member
    You must be shredded low-moisture, part-skim mozzarella, cuz I wanna top my pizza with you, bake you at 425 degrees, and devour you.
  • ryanthegreat314
    ryanthegreat314 Posts: 1,394 Member
    I noticed you were in the do it yourself section, so do you like to uhh.....do it yourself
  • ryanthegreat314
    ryanthegreat314 Posts: 1,394 Member
    Hey girl, I have my own designated parking spot at the local Walmart. Only 5 feet away from the entrance

  • saaber13
    saaber13 Posts: 597 Member
    “Does this rag smell like chloroform?”
  • ekim2016
    ekim2016 Posts: 1,199 Member
    You must be from Heaven because you look like an Angel...
    TEQWAR Posts: 1,616 Member
    Fancy a *kitten*?

    I'd say that's been at least as successful as any other I've ever tried.
  • HealthyAshes88888
    HealthyAshes88888 Posts: 1,248 Member
    I like your pins.