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    this ain't a video selfie of me in any kinda way obvi, and i guess it's silly, but i consider this goose an actual "friend". anyhow I call him Honkers and he's kinda gotten close to me over the last month.

    recently i discovered a smaller female, which i think is his mate, sitting on this little nested area, with an egg below her. a few days later, the egg was gone, and i saw some egg shell in the area.

    then a few days later i found another egg there. i even recorded Honkers tending to it. he was tearing some branches and leaves and trying to hide it some more i think.

    well im sad to say it looks like a random predator got to that egg as well. today I was with Honkers while he was trying to tend to the nest, even though his egg was gone. kinda getting used to seeing how he acts about things, and he seemed pretty upset about this.

    i've never been one for believing in animals actually having emotions of any kinds, but this actually got to me today a little bit, and as sad as it is, i guess it's good for me to remember the world is bigger than me still.

    I see a wood duck with her ducklings all the time and mysteriously the number following her gets smaller and smaller.. till she only has one or sometimes none left.. but then she'd lay more eggs and she'd be followed again by her little ones.This happens every year. It really helped me see the circle of life clearly. It doesn't make me so sad anymore..It's life 🙂
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    Less talking, more velfies

    You should go next. Twerking is fine


    I probably seem like a psycho, cause I notice small detail...I like how small your pupils are (mine are huge, I look spacey) and your spot on eyeliner!

    Ok funny observation now...we both wear glasses, I assume yours are for distance too, maybe wrong, just seems more common.
    Why are some peoples pupils nice and small (yours) and some (like me) huge? Hmm, I wonder

    pupils get small in bright light and big in dark so just go outside in sun and presto tiny pupils <3

    I have abnormally big pupils, I used to call me 'stoner' in school...mine never get tiny...I always look a bit 'spacey' or wild eyed (I think)

    I sometimes wonder if thats why Im so light sensitive, big pupils