Let it GO! Decluttering (simplifying) your life of (people, places or things) success stories?



  • LiveOnceBeHappy
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    I have problems with throwing things away but I never get around to taking them to the local thrift store. Honey... can you...?

    Put them in your car! I do that, and they ride around with me for a few months, and then I finally pop into the thrift store and donate. Much easier for me.
  • Sand_TIger
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    I don't like people being mentioned like they are just things. I think that's another subject entirely. People get too interested in minimalism and start ignoring their friends. In my opinion, it's a kind of cult. I've lost several friends this way. I don't like being called trash. Good luck on decluttering, but remember that people are alive, and so are animals. That should matter when you make your decisions. "Oh, I figured out what I really and truly value and it's ALL of my things. Bye." Yeah, cute.

    Although I didn't really see people being referred to in that way in this thread, I hear you and agree. My spouse actually gets a PTSD type reaction when people mention decluttering because usually when her exes started decluttering she was one of the "things" to go. VERY sad.

    I try to declutter when I can but I try (these days anyway) to let her know that there is no issue with her, and if she wants to join in that's great but she doesn't have to. That way there's no pressure and she doesn't feel as emotionally threatened. I tend to have issues with generating too much clutter so I try to keep it under control. The more organized things are, the better I feel.
  • azuki84
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    I don't use any form of social media. It's a waste of time!!! Boggles my mind why people post facebook/twitter/tiktok/instagram. Also people that post everyday on MYP/social forums definitely have WAYYYY too much free time LOL
  • JessiBelleW
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    Well we’ve recently decided that we might move. I promised my partner that next time we moved I wouldn’t pack anything that didn’t fit 😬 so I can only keep what fits me, and also I’m feeling the need to get rid of anything that’s excess and not needed