Let it GO! Decluttering (simplifying) your life of (people, places or things) success stories?



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    sounds like a good challenge. I am still wrking on bedroom closet getting rid ofany cloths that i have not worn orare too small.
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    I cleaned all the receipts out of my purse and went through them. Tossed a bunch, checked that returns are actually present on the credit card, updated our budget tracker. Part of my bigger picture toward getting ready to do taxes. So have to clear off my desk again.
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    You should have written that comment on 1/09. I was more motivated yesterday than today and I got more things done. I managed to cancel/delete three things in my "to do list." Today it was only one.
    Today I had things popping up that were not part of my plans, so I had to take care of that. I guess that it wasn't a lost day after all.
    I donate the front cover of Christmas cards to St. Jude's Ranch for Children. But I wait until the following year to do that. So yesterday, January 2023, I reviewed the cards, cut all the front pages of the cards that I got on 2022 (except for Hallmark's card), and today I put them in an envelope ready to mail them tomorrow.
    All Christmas ornaments and decorations (no tree for us this year) were put away between 1/02 and 1/03, just like I do every year.
    I washed some throw rugs today. Does it count? :D
    Don't be so hard on yourself. Tomorrow you will feel better and do more. it is OK to feel lousy once in a while. It proves that you are human. At least that is what I tell myself...

    ****Challenge: Alright, today is January 11. What's hiding in your purse? Time to declutter your handbag. (I just dumped mine on the kitchen Island, and I swear the junk that got in there since Christmas is astounding. It's not super huge, and yet I could probably live out of it for 2 days, eek.)***

    January 12 Challenge: Your choice: Twelve pieces of paper, twelve magazines, twelve old pieces of clothing that don't fit, twelve random things that you have no idea what they are/where they came from (but they are in your house), twelve gross or unused water bottles/sippy cups/chipped/broke dishes, Twelve lonely socks, Twelve partly burned candles that are too small/too annoying/too dangerous to keep burning, Twelve unused, but open toiletries (donate them if unopened), Twelve things from your garage/storage closet/attic that "you have been meaning to get to," (One of Twelve self-care things you MUST DO (Book a Dr. Appt., drink water for the day, book a physical/mammogram/PAP smear/bloodwork/"icky test"/Men-Prostate Exam, Walk for 12 minutes, nap for 12 minutes, go to bed 12 minutes earlier, wake-up 12 minutes earlier, something else in the self-care realm).

    Good luck! Somebody else started this thread, but I plan to help keep it going :-D

    Hop on the Declutter and Wellness Bus, and let's get going! Don't be shy.

    Just wanted to say thanks! Thanks for writing, and posting challenges! I'm reading them and find them to be inspiring - to do more, pickup something else, make a decision about "stuff".