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Summer SIXER-tini's: Week 2



  • izzypupizzypup Member Posts: 342 Member Posts: 342
    Good morning everyone. Watching Ella today, YEA! We are going swimming in about 2 hrs.

    Lets see... who is on vaca next week Kristin and Tracy? Hope you have a good time.
    Amy(Baha)- When do you go to Canada?
    Cathy- did all the back stuff get solved? I hope so, it can be sooo frustrating.
    Lorna- What kind of eval are they doing at the gym. One good thing if you are bloated then next week you will have better results.
    Lidsney- have fun with the new nieces! I can't wait for the days when Ella likes to make cupcakes.... so much fun.

    I hope to check back in later today. I don't know how people in their 50's have little ones. Ella wears me out! LOL
  • mollybeslimmermollybeslimmer Member Posts: 215 Member Member Posts: 215 Member
    good afternoon Ladies~
    A great dat so far and I intend on keeping it that way-lol-
    More postitive things to do and time for me to take control in stead of whining about what the insurance is going to do etc.
    Dug out an old stretch band(remember those) and just slowly begun the easy stretching and it feels pretty good.Only thing is -is it possible your muscles shrink???Am not as flexiable as I once was.
    Plan for the day-making a new dish with ground turkey.

    check in later .
  • frogy_98frogy_98 Member Posts: 212 Member Member Posts: 212 Member
    Hello ladies,

    This is my last check in for a good week or more, so I hope you guys all have great results come Tuesday and have a great week.

    I will be in yellowstone and I uploaded the app for this site on my I pod so I hope to kee track of what I eat or at least most of what I eat...... I dont know if I will be able to get on to update but hope I can at least once.

    Now I need to get my butt in gear and get the car packed while dd is taking a nap, oh and try to figure out what is for lunch.


    Chat with you all later.

  • chipper15173chipper15173 Member Posts: 4,087 Member Member Posts: 4,087 Member
    have a great weekend everyone...
    have great vacations to who all is going away....

    i have a list of errands to run this weekend. i will on and off of here.

    momieof2 deactivated her account. i will remove her from the list.

  • lulabellewoowoolulabellewoowoo Member Posts: 3,125 Member Member Posts: 3,125 Member
    Quick check in from my assessment yesterday:

    I stepped on the scale with shoes and was 5 lb less than my home scale from my weigh-in Wednesday. So when I got home, I stepped on my own scale and was the same weight. It must mean that Wednesday's weigh-in was a lot of water weight, so I'm optimistic about next weeks weigh-in. Since I am going out of town on Monday morning, I am going to weigh in then and add it to Kristin's for the week. I'm hoping for good numbers.

    The one disappointing thing was the body fat assessment. The weight I want to lose is "vanity weight", and really just to lean the bulk. I am an active gym goer and a fairly healthy eater. So when I put in the numbers and measurements in a formula on the computer, I came up with about 18%. Not a bad number. But when I used the calibrator at the gym yesterday (it's like a game controller that you hold with both hands in front of you), it measured me at 24.4%. For as active as I am, it does put me at the "acceptable range", but not "fitness", which is what I was aiming for (14-20%). It really bummed me out as I had decided before I went that I wasn't going to concentrate on the weight too much, but my body fat. Talk about a greatly deflated balloon. The lady was surprised it was so high I think as she had me take off my rings and do it twice. That means I am carrying around 33 lb of fat (btw, I have no boobs, so it must be in my derriere). Of course, they then wanted to offer me 3 half-hour sessions with a personal trainer for the low price of $99. Yeah, right. I am already paying a pretty penny for the membership to begin with. So I go back in 5 weeks to be reassessed. My goal is really just to lose an inch off each thigh, so I am going to concentrate on that so I don't get too depressed about that stupid machine.

    So off to vacation I am on Monday. Of course, wouldn't you know that a week on the beach includes massive cramps and TOM. Oh well. I'm going to follow the 3 bite rule on all bad yumminess. And I hope to come home 1 lb lighter than when I left as I won't have any reason to stress eat (unless of course my computer goes kaput for work).

    Have a great weekend/week everyone. Keep active and remember laughing burns calories.

    Hugs and love to you all.
  • chipper15173chipper15173 Member Posts: 4,087 Member Member Posts: 4,087 Member
    good morning...

    have my route all planned out for the day. hard to grocery shop when it's 105+ out side, without things melting or going bad. we are taking a cooler of ice with us. we wanted to get some errands done at the same time. don't want to keep making these trips.

    lula....i would take that machine reading lightly. i hear there are way off and not accurate. have a great time at the beach.

    well, gotta get some chores done before i get ready to go. DH is with me so might be eating out. and we are going out tonight for my b-day. i am having ribeye and sweet potatoes, side salad. all the mixin's on the side.

  • izzypupizzypup Member Posts: 342 Member Posts: 342
    Good Morning sixers.
    Lorna - I wouldn't worry about the machine. Is it BMI or Body Fat that gets the only true measurement in water. What ever the reason to lose more it's okay.

    Cathy- It's going to be really hot and humid for at the least the next week here. It makes it unbearable. Stay cool!

    Well, I have no idea what to do today. It feels great! Chat later....
  • gonabfitgonabfit Member Posts: 712 Member Member Posts: 712 Member
    I've lost 13.5 incches and 7 lbs since my highest weight!!!! Took my test yesterday. It was the one with the real patients (actors) that grade you. I think I did well. :-) I have another test Thursday, the day before my 25th bday!!! Then I get to fly to ATL to see my boyfriend ( this man is AMAZING!! I absoutely love him and plan to marry him one day :-) lol. Seriously, I'm not the type to get carried away with every man.... but I do enjoy and respect this one. ) :back to the point: LOL He and I are going to Florida for my birthday, then I come back home and begin studying for boards...

    so basically I have 4 tests in 6 weeks! And the BOARDS are a national exam that is pretty darn important. Forgive me if I'm MIA sometimes... I'll be a doctor next year and they are making me work for it! LOL!

    I'm going to attach the pictures of me in my bday bikini... I was trying to decided whether or not to wear it, but I think I might go out on a limb and wear it anyway! Let me know what you think.

    wait... how do you upload pictures!?!?!?
  • gonabfitgonabfit Member Posts: 712 Member Member Posts: 712 Member
    crap, I don't know how to do it... lol. So go to this webpage to see my bikini pictures :-) I'm trying to decided if I should or shouldn't....

    Miss you guys!
  • chipper15173chipper15173 Member Posts: 4,087 Member Member Posts: 4,087 Member
    tiff.....GO FOR IT!!!! you lookin good....

    to upload pic. you have to put them in like photobucket and change the img from big to small or from small to big. which ever the opposite it is on photobucket. you could always upload them to your profile and tell people to go there and look.

    got some new bras today. couldn't believe i spent $44 for just 2 of them. they better last and not poke. they are wired. i don't do wired cause they poke. they swore by these. yes, baha i got them from lane byrant. so far so good. DH says lookie their so high up. looks like i lost weight.

    well, off to dinner.
  • chipper15173chipper15173 Member Posts: 4,087 Member Member Posts: 4,087 Member
    happy sunday y'all...

    nothing going on in my neck of the woods today. looking at a house, church, walmart run.

    how are all of you doing? i know some are on vacation this week. it will be slow.

  • chipper15173chipper15173 Member Posts: 4,087 Member Member Posts: 4,087 Member
    checking on anyone out there.

    busy day. DH says he likes my new bras. he says i don't sag anymore and look older than i am. they are comfy. he says i can get me some more next month if i still like them. he wants me to throw out all my cheapie bras. i said no than i would only have 2 bras. not going to happen. glad they do fit. it has taken me years to find some good fitting bras.

    well, dinner is almost ready.

  • its_Bits_B Member Posts: 491 Member Posts: 491
    Kristin (kistinbee)..................SW 170.5 lbs/ GW 161.0 lbs/ CW 164.5 lbs/ PROGRESS -6.0 lbs
    B (its_B).................................SW 190 lbs/ GW 180 lbs/ CW 185.0 lbs/ PROGRESS - 5 lbs

    Cathy(chipper).......................SW 239.2 lbs/ GW 225.0 lbs/ CW 233.4 lbs/ PROGRESS -5.6 lbs
    Lindsey (LHuffman24).........SW 156.0 lbs/ GW 147.0 lbs/ CW 151.6 lbs/ PROGRESS -4.4 lbs
    Laurie (Haismais).................SW 248.0 lbs/ GW 235.0 lbs/ CW 248.0 lbs/ PROGRESS -0.0 lbs
    Lauryn (Phoenix_Rising).....SW 165.4 lbs/ GW 160.4 lbs/ CW 166.6 lbs/ PROGRESS +1.2lbs
    Tracy ( frogy_98) .................. SW 220.0 lbs/ GW 214.0 lbs/ CW 216.8 lbs/ PROGRESS - 3.2 lbs
    Sandy (izzypup)......................SW 185.2 lbs/ GW 179.0 lbs/ CW 183.2 lbs/ PROGRESS -2.0 lbs
    AmyS(Amy36).........................SW 211.0 lbs/ GW 199.0 lbs/ CW 208.0 lbs/ PROGRESS -3.0 lbs
    Molly (Mollybeslimmer).........SW 313.0 lbs/ GW 299.0 lbs/ CW 315.0 lbs/ PROGRESS +3.0 lbs
    Kel(redneckwoman).............SW 154.0 lbs/ GW 147.0 lbs/ CW 153.0 lbs/ PROGRESS -1.0 lbs
    Tiff (gonabfit)...........................SW 157.0 lbs/ GW 149.0 lbs/ CW 156.4 lbs/ PROGRESS -0.6 lbs
    Amy S (bahamom87)...........SW 270.2 lbs/ GW 265.0 lbs/ CW 269.0 lbs/ PROGRESS -1.2 lbs
    April (aprilcan)........................SW 188.0 lbs/ GW 170.0 lbs/ CW 188.0 lbs/ PROGRESS 0.0 lbs
    Lorna (lulabellewoowoo) ....SW 141.8 lbs/ GW 138.3 lbs/ CW 145.4 lbs/ PROGRESS +3.6 lbs
    Amy (amypyr)..........................SW 158.5 lbs/ GW 155.0 lbs/ CW 157.8 lbs/ PROGRESS -0.7 lbs

    Sarah (Saloule).....................SW 132.0 lbs/ GW 126.0 lbs/ CW 132.0 lbs/ PROGRESS lbs
    BJ (momieof2).......................SW 295.0 lbs/ GW 290.0 lbs/ CW 295.0 lbs/ PROGRESS lbs

    YAY! So I swear I am going to try and get on a couple times of week. I miss you guys SOOO MUCH!!! And I feel like I havent talked to my family in months!!! YOU GUYS ARE SOOO IMPORTANT. so I am really going to try and get back on way more frequently its just so hard cuz I have bad internet here in the keys and I am sooo busy between work and having fun! I love it here so much, and I love Jeff a lot tooo!! I havent lost that much in the time I have been down here. Only 5 lbs, but I figure thats pretty good cuz I have gained quite a bit of muscle!! But I am really gunna start trying again, I would REALLY love to be int he 160s by the end of summer!! So I am going to keep trying!! I miss all of you very much and hope to finally start catching up on your lives! Please everyone fill me in on the big events!! The only one I have caught onto is Amy (baha) and I <3 you girl! I am so proud of you and you amaze me sooo much with how strong you are!! Keep it up!

    <3 all of you try and be back on soon! In fact I promise to be on within two days!!
  • gonabfitgonabfit Member Posts: 712 Member Member Posts: 712 Member
    B! Glad to hear from you!!! :-) Glad you are having fun!!! Cathy, glad those bras fit and are flattering!!! WOOHOOO I bet hubby likes them!
  • chipper15173chipper15173 Member Posts: 4,087 Member Member Posts: 4,087 Member
    good morning...

    i will start next week thread this afternoon.

    so quite around here. feel lonely. not doing much today. cleaning and some rearranging. it's my birthday and not stressing. had a cake last night DD made me. hope weigh in goes good. the scale was up this morning. so hope to just maintain.

    well, off to get dressed and begin my work. new stuff for the bedroom.

  • mollybeslimmermollybeslimmer Member Posts: 215 Member Member Posts: 215 Member
    :heart: :flowerforyou:
    Good morning All~
    Hoping the week is full of new surprises and lots of fun things~

    Happy Birthday Cathy!! :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:

    Well I weighed myself a few days ago and had a 2 pound lose-yay me!!
    Hope it stays that way.
    Changed my goal to losing 2 pounds a week for one week and see how that works out.

    My newest mini goal-learn to make a new dish at least once a week.

    check back in laters~
  • LHuffman24LHuffman24 Member, Premium Posts: 175 Member Member, Premium Posts: 175 Member
    BAD BAD eating this weekend... We went to a BBQ Saturday night, and a huge bowl of chips just sat there right in front of me. Plus dip. Plus that delicous fruit pizza with the sugar cookie crust. Wow, I ate a lot that night...

    I did get up Sunday morning and run with a friend, but then went to visit the new twins! They had all kinds of treats already, and I made "princess" (couldn't find any Barbie stuff!) cupcakes with her 3-year-old. The twins are beautiful and healthy, and oh so cute! I can't wait to go back down there soon!

    Happy Birthday Cathy! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    Great job on the weight loss Molly - keep it up!!
  • Phoenix_RisingPhoenix_Rising Member Posts: 11,519 Member Member Posts: 11,519 Member
    Happy Birthday Cathy!!

  • chipper15173chipper15173 Member Posts: 4,087 Member Member Posts: 4,087 Member
    thanks for the birthday wishes.

    we got a new comforter for the bed. so went out and bought some black and white(it's black and white) things for the bedroom. sheets make great curtains and cheap. dollar store went well too.

    back to work

  • chipper15173chipper15173 Member Posts: 4,087 Member Member Posts: 4,087 Member
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