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My new years resolution is to...



  • Bridge_marieBridge_marie Member Posts: 9,795 Member Member Posts: 9,795 Member
    bojack3 wrote: »
    To be an amazing father

    You already are.....
  • StelleInCieloStelleInCielo Member Posts: 619 Member Member Posts: 619 Member
    Mine is to get control of my life back.
  • Lil206Lil206 Member Posts: 16 Member Member Posts: 16 Member
    Reduce alcohol, increase exercise and begin to love me
  • 81Katz81Katz Member Posts: 7,077 Member Member Posts: 7,077 Member
    Continue to work on my mental health problems which have been out of control for a while now.

    Continue to use my creativity as a positive

    Quit being a crappy person. Spreading the misery isnt very nice or fun in the end.

    Let go of the hope that the people I need and want in my life will ever be there.

    Toxic people will no longer exist in my world. They serve to hurt me, which in return I try to hurt them.

    Focus more on my eating and fitness. That too has been off track for a while now.

    Stop beating myself up over anything/everything.

  • jennifer_417jennifer_417 Member Posts: 12,348 Member Member Posts: 12,348 Member
    Learn self-care.
  • NewlifeinNWNewlifeinNW Member Posts: 3,866 Member Member Posts: 3,866 Member
    Use more exclamation marks. I usually go with just one but I'm thinking three to denote super seriousness!!!
  • harribeau2012harribeau2012 Member Posts: 644 Member Member Posts: 644 Member
    Get fit enough to run away when the zombie apocalypse finally happens
  • mybfisredmybfisred Member Posts: 1,388 Member Member Posts: 1,388 Member
    To nap more
  • OkChargerFanOkChargerFan Member Posts: 371 Member Member Posts: 371 Member
    #1 - Hit my 100 pound goal by 1/31.
    #2 - Lose 14 more to hit goal weight.
    #3 - Go skydiving!
  • TheRoadDogTheRoadDog Member Posts: 11,818 Member Member Posts: 11,818 Member
    Lose 30 lbs.

    To motivate myself. I bought a brand new Leather Jacket for a Motorcycle run in June. I bought it 1 size too small.
  • mybfisredmybfisred Member Posts: 1,388 Member Member Posts: 1,388 Member
    Inspired by a friend....i need to plan a trip for me...i go alone and challenge my comfort zones
  • Find_Me_AgainFind_Me_Again Member Posts: 299 Member Member Posts: 299 Member
    Believe in myself. Stop worrying so much about everything. Be happy.
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