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Vague poetry thread



  • isalsayourface123isalsayourface123 Posts: 2,075Member Member Posts: 2,075Member Member
    Eeny meeny miny moe
    If you're reading this
    Than you should know
    it's one for the money
    Two for the show
    Three to get ready
    Now go, cat, go
  • SwannySezSwannySez Posts: 5,806Member Member Posts: 5,806Member Member
    Things have come to a pretty pass
    cuz there’s somebody I’m longing to see
    who sings a song to the moon up above.
    But how strange the change from major to minor
    when love came and told me I shouldn't sleep
    so a voice within me keeps repeating you, you, you.
    Birds singing in the sycamore trees
    and a thousand violins begin to play
    the world's a temporary parking place
    until you will, how still my heart.
  • pizzamyheartpizzamyheart Posts: 1,851Member Member Posts: 1,851Member Member
    I’m not a nut
    But I like your butt
    I haven’t seen it
    But I’d look if I happened to get an unsolicited pic
    Not of your d tho

    Edit because I’d photoshop it into a turkey wearing a top hat pic
    edited May 2019
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