Strength Training and Diet



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    Try stepping away from the scale. If you want to measure progress, bust out the tape measure.

    Your workout routine sounds like it needs a revamp, and working with a trainer to figure one out is a great start. Maybe try a cross fit session or two at your local gym as well for some variety that will still get your heart rate up.

    Also, since you're already tracking everything, have you checked your macros and do you track those? It could be that you are missing an area in your diet (which will contribute to the cravings).

    I don't know about you, but I CANNOT deprive myself of the things I love - I simply have to plan them into my day(s). As a good friend/trainer of mine puts it: "You can have all the things, just not all of it all of the time." Plan in a favorite treat, or a small piece of chocolate (I like individually wrapped pieces so it's easy), that way, when you have a craving, you know you will get a piece at X time. Just knowing that really helps me say no the rest of the time!! Plus, once you're used to it, the cravings go waaaaay down.

    I'm in a similar position as I want to lose fat, but my primary focus is putting on muscle/increasing my fitness overall (I am a competitive road racer, coming back from a year long injury, so fitness is far more important that some stubborn pounds). I eat at a very slight deficit, and focus on my workouts. The scale isn't dropping very quickly, but the tape measure has made some serious movement, and it's really obvious in the weekly photos I take of myself that my body composition is changing. Once my fitness is back to where I want it, and it's "routine" I'll increase my deficit to lose the remaining weight I want to shed.
  • Tomorrow morning I'm scheduled to meet with a personal trainer. Is there anything specific I should mention to him to reach more goals and what should I expect?
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    Sounds like you're eating low fat, eating fat doesn't make you fat. It's an essential nutrient and it really helps with the cravings. Eat some avocado, or butter even. I've been lifting weights for 4 years now and I love it. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, about an hour each and I've never been stronger or fitter. Check out any of Lou Schuler's books, New Rules Of Lifting or The Lean Muscle Diet. Great workouts. No Cardio....heavy weight...