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Two Sentence Scary Stories



  • Reckoner68
    Reckoner68 Posts: 2,139 Member
    Don't push that button. Oh no, now all your fears are chasing you in your dreams forever
  • FeelinFooFoo
    FeelinFooFoo Posts: 4,738 Member
    Don't worry, I'l keep your secret. But it'll cost you £20,000.
  • honeybee__12
    honeybee__12 Posts: 15,688 Member

    Everything seemed normal this morning but now there’s something not quite right about the light.
    The hairs on my body feel electrified and the light looks like it’s getting brighter and bri
  • mtndewme
    mtndewme Posts: 724 Member
    Walk into the adult store to shop and your mom is there. You now know things that will haunt you forever.
  • empresssue
    empresssue Posts: 2,953 Member
    My boss is an *kitten*. He's right behind me, isn't he?
  • TarryTaffy
    TarryTaffy Posts: 883 Member
    "You're fired. But, you still have to fulfill your shift & will be working all weekend."
  • honeybee__12
    honeybee__12 Posts: 15,688 Member
    Walking on the quiet frozen lake is a first for me, the creaking doesn’t bother me but I can’t figure out what that strange thud noise is I keep hearing.
    Oh my God, he’s moving along under the ice looking right at me and there’s nothing I can do.
  • honeybee__12
    honeybee__12 Posts: 15,688 Member
    I took it too literally.
    I stepped through the door and disappeared.
  • ladycopnh1
    ladycopnh1 Posts: 239 Member
    Walked down an old road next to a river at a campground in Gettysburg,
    Saw the ghost of a soldier.

    True story.