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MFP Forum Features, Known Issues, etc. - 2018

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Welcome to Upcoming MFP Forum Features, Known Issues, and Suggestions - 2018

The purpose of this announcement is to list updates, share known issues, list suggestions made by members, and list upcoming features. This topic will be updated weekly as new issues arise and old ones are fixed. To view prior issues, click here.

Known Issues:
  • Unable to upload images in Android
    Note: Our forum provider has indicated "This is a web view issue and not something that we can fix. There seem to be some solutions out there, but unfortunately nothing we can address from this end."
  • Added 5/11/16 Send Message on User Cards doesn't work for every user
  • Added 5/11/17 Timestamps are broken
  • Added 9/7/17 Announced discussion not showing up as announced for group owner.
  • Added 9/25/17 Recent Discussions not updating *If you see this, please let us know, we aren't able to recreate this issue.*
  • Added 1/10/18 Bookmarked discussions are not updating notifications
  • Added 4/9/18 2nd page of group members not working. If you're a group leader in a large group, you get an error message when clicking on the next page of members.
  • Added 4/18/18 Any text after non-built in emoji's gets deleted. Currently being worked on.
  • Added 4/23/18 Bookmarks in groups are showing a permission error. Discussion here. Currently being worked on.

Fixed Bugs:
  • Fixed 11/15/17 Line wrapping is clunky for reactions on mobile
  • Fixed 4/25/18 Error "there was an error performing your request. Please try again" when trying to leave a group

Requested Improvements:
  • Reconsider restricted and banned user images - CHANGED 1/31/17 (Please note that we have removed the "jail icon" aka bars from appearing on member profile images with 3 active warning points. Likewise we have removed the banned icon. This is a result of feedback we have received from members who find them distracting and stigmatizing. To check if you have any active warning points please review your profile page.)
  • Support embedded weight loss/gain ticker in posts
  • Group Management improvements; user search within groups; optimizations to the invite process, group moderator badges; group report abuse options
  • Like buttons / up-voting of posts - ADDED 4/12/16
  • Badges - allowing members to earn forum badges
  • Navigation Improvements
  • Added 1/6/2016 Make it easier for group leaders to see activity/last post date for members
  • Added 1/6/2016 Provide separate notification option for notifications when a post you are tagged in is quoted
  • Added 1/11/2016 Add the ability to "stop following" or "ignore thread" option for notifications
  • Added 1/14/2016 Exclude reported posts from rate limiting/flood controls
  • Added 1/21/2016 Clear abuse/spam points automatically when they are approved by a moderator - Removed abuse/flags here:
  • Added 4/6/2016 Find a better way to alert users when they've been warned.
  • Added 4/12/2016 Can users see who liked/awesomed their posts - Unfortunately, no.

Upcoming Features:
  • Updated Community Guidelines
  • Forum Badges

For information on reporting posts or flagging content, please see this discussion:
Flagged content, Spam, Abuse, and Reporting Posts

For our community guidelines, please see this link:
Community Guidelines

To learn about our staff and moderators, please see this link:
Meet Our Community Team

If you wish to make a forum or group suggestion or alert us about a forum or group related issue, you're welcome to PM @Nova, @Alex or @Betty, or any of our moderators, or you can create a topic here. Or Email us here
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