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JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS | Round 30



  • bradcharlessimmons
    bradcharlessimmons Posts: 134 Member
    DStan304 wrote: »
    @bradcharlessimmons sounds like you had an awesome weekend. Do you usually count calories? Once I get down to the weight I want, I'm planning to start adding beer back to my diet. Then again it may just be liquors, we'll have to see.

    I did have an awesome weekend thanks! Yes, I'm a big advocate of counting calories however it's unrealistic to be 100% accurate all of the time. Beer wise I always remember the average pint of lager is around 200 kcal, so I can usually build it into my weekends if I opt for a smaller lunch or some heavy cardio or move to gin and diet tonic (50kcal max, usually). Being a student a couple of years ago I could sink up to 24 pints in a sitting (big sesh I know) but looking back; that is horrendous, calorific and damaging to my liver.

    Congrats on the loss so far this round by the way, how are you finding the fasting?
  • SherryRueter
    SherryRueter Posts: 1,747 Member

    @quiltingjaine You have so many tips! Thanks! My recent issue I'm sure stems from emotional/hormonal imbalance. From being worried about not having a job, and then my husbands grandmother passing away last week. Its been stressful for me, and I ran to processed carbs. Now that I know I will be employed, I'm feeling very empowered to kick this into HIGH keto! Fat will keep me satisfied! Yes, I have made fat bombs. They are awesome little things. Sunday went very well, I'm going to keep it a going!.
  • R28 SW 141.6 EW 140.2 (-1.4)
    R29 EW 138.6 (-1.6)
    UGW: 126
    Goal: keep active and less salt
    01/28 139.8lb absolutely stuffed myself on salty foods last night
    01/29 138.2 had no appetite yesterday, was very busy. Weight sure to bounce back up again. As long as it’s not in the 140’s!
    01/30 137.2 this is a nice surprise! Practiced last night, Sunday night we went out dancing for a couple hours.
    01/31 137.8 got in yoga, a run, and some dancing yesterday but also ate a lot, including more salt and sugar than i should.
    02/01 138 salt, why can’t I quit you? Going to dinner and a musical in another city tonight, so lots of sitting and sure to exceed food limits.
    02/02 137.2 Early appointments this morning, then worked out with a fitness specialist, ran despite the weather, and practiced yoga for an hour. Was feeling great until I fainted and hit my head super hard. Should have drank more water before all the activity!
    02/03 ?? honestly I forget my weight because never had time to record it. Went straight from work to ER where my husband was waiting for emergency appendectomy. Thank God he’s OK!
    02/04 135.8 not a real loss: didn’t eat or drink yesterday in the ER. Hubby back home and recovering but we haven’t had hardly any sleep. Not exercising yet- I’m still sore from my fall. Oh the bumps and bruises :frowning:
    02/05 135.8
  • mamabear10717
    mamabear10717 Posts: 96 Member
    @andfivesixseveneight hope the hubby is recovering well! And well done for doing this whilst having a lot going on!

    Also question for everyone, I am being lame sorry.. what is TOM?xx

    Thanks. Hubby is getting better, just needs some time to heal. I’m staying home to make sure he doesn’t overdo it.

    TOM is time of month for having your period.

    OMG haha thank you! Well that’s me at the moment then eek! And aww I am glad.. the more rest he gets the faster the recovery! :) xx
  • quiltingjaine
    quiltingjaine Posts: 3,871 Member
    @DStan304 You may get a drop tomorrow. Give your body 2-3 or more days to show a change. If you drop tomorrow, it is not because you ate breakfast today.

    @andfivesixseveneight Don’t forget to take care of YOU! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

    @SherryRueter Thank you. After 50+ years of trying to lose weight, I have learned a couple of things (and have a huge collection of diet books) and am an avid reader. I like to try to help others, so make suggestions for what might work.