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The awesomest thing your kid has ever said...



  • knittnponderknittnponder Member Posts: 1,954 Member Member Posts: 1,954 Member
    I have four kids so there are many to choose from. Here are a couple of recent ones.

    I mentioned that I needed to get some shampoo and my 13 year old son asked if we "could get some manly smelling shampoo? I'm tired if smelling like a fruit salad!" He now has some manly shampoo and us girls will keep our "fruit salad" shampoo.

    Yesterday I signed onto facebook to see the same 13 year old's status: "The wind must be fragile today because I keep breaking it." I blame his father, lol.

    Having your nine year old pray and say, "Thank you God for my Mommy and Daddy who both work so hard to protect us and take good care of us and provide for us and thank you for my brother and sisters." is one of those moments that can just make your whole day.

    My son went to Boy Scout camp for a week this summer and while he was gone I commented on how quiet the house was. The nine year old made a comment about how her brother is really loud and I pointed out that when it's just him things are very quiet, it's when the two of them are together that the problems occur. She thought about it for a second and stated, "Oh I get it! It's like I'm Mentos and he's Diet Coke!" Very astute observation kid!

    We were watching Duck Dynasty when she turned to her dad and asked (in her version of a Southern Drawl) "You gonna grow yerself a MAN BEARD Daddy?!"

    Same kid came into the kitchen singing "Bang your head!" by Quiet Riot. Made my heart swell with pride! :D

    I had to edit to add another from the nine year old! We keep chickens and a friend of ours gave us his extra rooster. My daughter was so excited about the idea of baby chicks she began praying "Please God let the rooster man up and make us some baby chickens!"

    She's our comedy relief.
  • Cameron_1969Cameron_1969 Member Posts: 2,875 Member Member Posts: 2,875 Member
    My five year old son.. inspecting an ant pile: "Daddy.. grab a stick and agitate these ants". .
  • gabbygirl78gabbygirl78 Member Posts: 936 Member Member Posts: 936 Member
    My daughter is 13 and she said to me last night " I love you "moomy"! You are the most beautiful 'moomy" in the world!" She calls me "moomy' all the time,.... she has to be different! Teenagers are suppose to hate their parents but she thinks I hung the moon!
  • TriShamelesslyTriShamelessly Member, Premium Posts: 917 Member Member, Premium Posts: 917 Member
    "I Love You Daddy - you're the best daddy ever!!!" (followed by a suction cup hug and sloppy kisses) :heart:
  • onwarddownwardonwarddownward Member Posts: 1,696 Member Member Posts: 1,696 Member
    My son, who is now 26, was in his carseat when I was driving down a busy road and a car cut me right off. I hit my horn and my angelic little boy said his first word.

    *kitten* HOLE!

    Guess who needed to clean her mouth out with soap?
  • UsedToBeHuskyUsedToBeHusky Member Posts: 15,455 Member Member Posts: 15,455 Member
    My son, who is now 26, was in his carseat when I was driving down a busy road and a car cut me right off. I hit my horn and my angelic little boy said his first word.

    *kitten* HOLE!

    Guess who needed to clean her mouth out with soap?

    Hahaha! It's like Meet the Fockers!
  • Beckboo0912Beckboo0912 Member Posts: 460 Member Member Posts: 460 Member
    Some of these are so cute!!!!

    My favorite with my son, 2, was when he figured out his uncle drove the ladder truck at the FD...he goes HOORAY!!! a minute or tow went by and he goes "mom if we share our jeep with Cory that means he has to share his ladder truck with us. He was completely serious and I just laughed. What are you gonna say to that?

    The other one was with my little brother when I was getting ready to go out the other week...he's 13 and I'm doing my hair and such he goes are you getting lucky tonight! I chuckled and asked if he knew what it meant and he did (he's sheltered and socially delayed) and I said no I'm going out with my son and family...he goes you should ditch them and go find someone fun. HAHA if only it were that easy
  • _zombiegirl__zombiegirl_ Member Posts: 79 Member Member Posts: 79 Member
    My two-year-old girl got a little toy that was a model of a wooly mammoth's bones. She said, "Look Mommy, this is my skelephant!"

    When we first started potty training, we'd go in together. One time, she said, "Oh, good job, Mommy! I'm so proud of you! You're such a big girl!" I laughed and said, "Thank you!" Then she said, "You are SO smart, Pumpkin!" And then ran out of the bathroom to tell Daddy how proud she was that Mommy peed.
  • rek10rek10 Member Posts: 7 Member Member Posts: 7 Member
    some of these stories have me LOL-ing!!!
  • dandelyondandelyon Member Posts: 620 Member Member Posts: 620 Member
    Last week my son asked the following - "Mom, you know those ladies that have balls and are called madams?"

    I responded with a very cautious "uh, what?"

    Turns out he was talking about how fortune tellers usually go by Madam Something or other. He was developing a theory about time travel that involved not having to do schoolwork. Which made so much more sense than madams with balls.
  • happysherrihappysherri Member Posts: 1,454 Member Member Posts: 1,454 Member
    My 14 yr old son - 6ft and already shaving! - Mom, what do you think of my best pick up line? -

    "You're father must be a baker, because you have nice buns!"

    My 16 yr old daughter and I busted out laughing and said 'ya, use that on a girl and see what you get'!

    He is a class clown!
  • mrsjones2point0mrsjones2point0 Member Posts: 336 Member Member Posts: 336 Member
    My 16 yr old assholey son was forced to weed last weekend, my fiance and I were doing other yard cleanup, and when my fiance went inside my son said to me "He's a really good guy mom, you did good"

    It teared me up to have his approval on this!
  • NykstaNyksta Member Posts: 249 Member Member Posts: 249 Member
    It's traditional in house to put a bet on the Grand National (Horse Race).... never bet other than this and DD (now almost 8) chosen her own horse the past few years.... so day before she chose a horse (colours of the jockey of course :D)..... no problems... DH went and put the bets on and next day (or later that day - can't remember) we're getting ready to watch the race and say something like

    "Georgie (dd) are you going to win the race with (horses name)?"

    She looked as us in utter shock and horror and said "How am I going to win when I've never ridden a horse before???" :noway: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    She comes out with some funnys but THAT is gonna stick in my mind forever :)
  • da_bears10089da_bears10089 Member Posts: 1,804 Member Member Posts: 1,804 Member
    There are quite a few things that my oldest (6) has said. This isn't sentimental at all, just some random, funny things he has said.

    "How did God make the sun?"
    Well, God is magical.
    "Can God do a handstand?"

    While watching my sister's chihuahua go to the bathroom.

    "Pedro has a really tiny butt."
    Yes he does.
    "Auntie, you have a really big butt."
  • WeepingAngel81WeepingAngel81 Member Posts: 2,246 Member Member Posts: 2,246 Member
    My son is full of funny *kitten*:

    "Mom, what are the hooker things call on semi truckers" He meant the part that connects the cab to the trailer

    "Mom, where do lights go when you turn them out?" I had nuthin.....

    "Mom, what size is my penis now and why is it all crakly" crakly was in reference to viens and to answer his first question, big enough to pee with it right now and that's all his little 3 year old self needs to know!

    While screaming outside of a subway "I want Mexicans! I like Mexicans!" I figured out he was talking about the Amigo's fast food place across the street.

    He's not a really mushy kid, so I gotta take the funny stuff as his way of being awesome!
  • SugarBaby71SugarBaby71 Member Posts: 3,645 Member Member Posts: 3,645 Member
    When my twin boys were potty training I walked into the living room one day and found a giant poo in the middle of the floor. So I asked, "Who did this?" and I guess they were pretty proud because both jumped up and said "ME!"

    When I first stared this lifestyle change one said to me, "Mom you are so small now. I can reach all the way around you when I hug you!"

    One of them told me recently, "You're really smart mom. You know a lot of stuff!." (To which I replied, so maybe you should listen to me sometimes then.)

    And my teenaged daughter said to me a little while ago, "Mom, you're so pretty." to which I answered, "How much?"
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