Unhealthy Coping Habits



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    81Katz wrote: »
    Hiding in my room writing in my journal about all the ways I can die or about how much I hate myself.

    I'm so sorry you're feeling this way. I do hope it gets better. Maybe it won't all at once, maybe just a little here and there and hopefully all those 'littles' can become something good for you. I struggle too. So I get it.

    The only reason I’m alive today is because of my mom. I could never hurt her by dying. It tortures me to think about that.
    Thank you for this.
  • Svanel
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    when i spiral i become a complete recluse aside from anything mandatory that I have to participate in i.e. work. i withdraw from life. I prefer the loneliness of being alone rather than to bludgeon someone else with the torrent of inhumane thoughts that consume me. I prefer to experience this on my own time and each time I figure I will come out the other side, hopefully slightly stronger than before. when I'm stressed from work and life situations, I stress eat junk, literally the crap of food until I feel sick. On the 2nd of January, I decided to quit this vicious cycle and fight to be me. Thus far, I've been walking when I feel like shutting out the world, I go for a jog when I want to eat a donut, or a package of Oreos. I created a playlist of music I love listening to when I am having a great day - I listen to this playlist when I'm having a dark day. It helps. I sit outside and breathe in the fresh air and remind myself of the good things of being alive. it is a process and one I'm going to work at every day. the spiraling still happens..just not as intense as before.