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    Hike for fun and to keep your body healthy. Ignore calorie burn; it's going to be inaccurate. Get your diet in check to lose fat.

    Well, I hike on the weekends for fun, but I like to estimate the required re-feed. The OP is saying they do a regular trail walk/run, so the calorie estimate is really helpful.

    I vote for either a fitness watch (Garmin or Apple) or MapMyWalk/MapMyRun.
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    1. I never use the calories from the mfp app. I use a fitness watch that has a hiking option that tracks my altitude as well as a number of other items. I program in my current weight, age, etc. I found my real calories burned are sometimes 1/3 of what the app says.
    2. I do reformer pilates 2-3x per week and spin 2x/week just to train other muscles and for stability, balance and flexibility.